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Nuclear VSTi AU LITE
Reviewed By lifewhyz
May 1st, 2018

I would love Music Weapon's Nuclear if it didn't crash my session every time I used it. That's my only complaint.

The install is pretty big (14GB+), but besides that, the sounds are solid for Hip-Hop, Trap and EDM production. I wish the VU meters weren't "broken" as part of the GUI. I understand that follows the whole 'Nuclear Fallout' theme. And I would imagine that getting the VU meters precisely calibrated is a difficult task of it's own. Nevertheless, it would have been useful to me.

The only other thing I wasn't too crazy about were the onboard FX. The distortion was a choice (rotary knob) between what I would call overkill or nothing. The reverb wasn't too special. But again, this is a Free instrument, not an FX rack. Not to mention, it was designed by a globally-respected producer who's sound selections are extremely well-tailored for the previously mentioned genres.

I really loved playing with this thing (when it was working). In fact, I would probably get the Full version if I knew for a fact that the bugs were fixed and that I wouldn't have any problems in my DAW. I give it four stars out of five stars because while it's a great plugin, it still crashes my DAW every time I open it.

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Nuclear VSTi AU LITE
Reviewed By dryan
March 20th, 2017

A big disappointment. I was enticed by a video in which the developer was showcasing some nice guitar sounds, but they don't include their best sounds in the free version i presume. Very cumbersome to download, practically no usable sounds (for me, i guess this is personal taste though) and a very ugly / uninspiring GUI.

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Nuclear VSTi AU LITE
Reviewed By sextonr3
February 13th, 2017

Great sounds, glorious reverb.

This took forever to download, but it was worth it. Fantastic sounds. Seriously, the best free multi-instrument module out there, no question. The reverb is magical. I am so excited about this. There is however one problem: I'm not sure how long I can hold off from buying the full version. The sounds are just too good.

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