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Noisefirm is a company devoted to providing inspiring, valuable, and intuitive tools to music creators. Whether you are a independent singer/songwriter or a full-time film score composer, our aim is to help you create your art with loops, samples, and software that helps you take your music to the next level without getting in the way of your creative process.

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Complete Shaker & Tambourine
Reviewed By Rah
October 18th, 2013

A large and diverse selection of excellent shaker (and tambourine) material

It is an incredibly comprehensive set, and I'm not sure why I'd need any other shaker products after purchasing this one. You get more shakers than you can shake (ahem) a stick at.

You get two parts in the package; loops and samples. You can buy them as two individual products if you wish, but you save if you purchase the complete caboodle.

The loops are very nice, I can simply drop one into Reaper and it's there and shaking in time to my track, whatever the tempo.

The samples come in Kontakt and other popular sampler format instruments, so you can build patterns from individual hits mapped to keys. Multiple velocity layers and round robin samples really bring these instruments to life. I am well satisfied with how 'deeply' sampled they are.

The sound is top notch quality through and through, and the price is very reasonable for what you get (33 shaker and tambourine types, thousands of loops, well over 3 gigabytes of content)

Excellent stuff.

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