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Nova Sound is an audio technology company, devoted to providing unique production tools that advance creativity and originality in the audio/entertainment/recording industry. We view ourselves as visionaries, devising one of a kind techniques and devices. Our goal is to present our customers with innovative tools to fuel their passion and profession. Through custom; soundware, audio plugins, virtual instruments, sound libraries, samples, and music technology, we provide; composer, producers, songwriters and audio professionals alike with the applications to maximize their potential.
Nova, Sound like never before.

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15 Nov 2019#KVRDeal (until Thursday, January 2, 2020) Nova Sound Nova Drum Unit Plugin Series 50% Off with Umbra Drums Legacy Free 4 Jul 2017Nova Sound releases Nova Drum Unit Sampler Sound Pack for July 4th - Free with email sign up 9 Jun 2017Nova Sound releases the "Nova Drum Unit Plugin Bundle" for Mac & Win 25 Dec 2016Nova Sound releases "Arcade Drummer" and Free "A Nova Xmas" Sound Pack 24 Nov 2016Nova Sound releases "Breaks RPM" AU & VST instrument plug-in for Mac & Win 31 Oct 2016Nova Sound releases "All Hallows Eve" Horror FX Sound Kit 15 Oct 2016Nova Sound releases "The Drum BoxX" AU & VST instrument plug-in for Mac & Win 9 Sep 2016Nova Sound releases "Stomp Mechanism" AU & VST instrument plug-in for Mac & Win 19 Aug 2016Nova Sound releases Neo Trapmatics Drum Kit 12 Aug 2016Nova Sound releases "MeGA Sub" AU & VST instrument plug-in for Mac & Win 29 Jul 2016Nova Sound releases "Percussion Central America" AU & VST Instrument Plug-in 4 Jul 2016Nova Sound releases Free FireArms Sound FX for July 4th 20 May 2016Nova Sound releases Gun Range and Gun Shots Sound Kit for music and media production 11 May 2016Nova Sound releases "Sound For The Peaceful" - Free with email sign up and a chance to win $2000 29 Apr 2016Nova Sound releases Gun Sound FX for Music and Media Production 21 Apr 2016Nova Sound and Nick Tha EngineEar release "Tha EngineEar" AU & VST Instrument Plug-in 18 Dec 2015Nova Sound releases "DruOhm Generator" and Free "A Nova Xmas" Sound Pack 26 Nov 2015Nova Sound releases Umbra Drums 4 - 808s & Chains Drum Kit 31 Oct 2015Nova Sound releases All Hallows' Eve For Music Production & 2 Halloween Themed Sound Libraries 12 Oct 2015Nova Sound unveils "Build Your Own Drum Kit" feature on website

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