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Polygon Audio is a new venture (created November 2012) dedicated to the development of audio plugins. I am a former games programmer, now lecturer who has always had electronic music as a hobby. Plugins will focus on combining the high performance graphical functionality of computer games with audio processing to give a new approach to analysing and working with sound.

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Sound Rider

Reviewed By madarnode131 [all]
June 16th, 2020
Version reviewed: Latest on Windows

Hi Keith excellent software !

Is there a way to slow down or have on screen a longer portion of time showing ?

I'm using your plugin with my passive radar audio that I use to detect meteors in the atmosphere .

It would be awesome to be able to see the shapes of meteors in 3D rather than at the current speed of real time (disappearing quickly).

How much would it cost to implement that feature if possible?

can the display window be enlarged to full screen as well?

I use software called spectrum lab but I can't zoom in to see detail.

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