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Quiet Music

Quiet Music was born with the idea of sharing tools, sounds and Plugins focused on ambient music and the sounds of nature.

Products by Quiet Music

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Reviewed By mixyguy2
September 1, 2020

This is what I'd call a "nice little plugin." It's somewhat limited, with just four patches that you can mix and match, but it can make some nice ambient type sounds, and it has a few nature sounds (birds, rain etc) which are a nice throw-in (minor note, on the bird sounds, it's not just birds; they added some rain or rushing water in the background...odd since they have them as a separate sound you can add. What if you just want birds?). The UI needs a little work..the type is so tiny I can barely read it, likewise with the indicators on the knobs that tell you where you have it turned to (ridiculously tiny dots). But that's also minor. Well worth the download.

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Rain Maker
Reviewed By jaxiee
June 24, 2020

I needed this kind of plugin for my projects, le sound create audiorain but is very expensive just for rain, this is free but you can control only volume and pan. But I found this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6pwNi5SuxY&t=11s for NI kontakt sampler, look much better than this frre vst.

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Quiet Piano
Reviewed By rahnrasen
June 18, 2020

nice sound, inspiring and well balanced presets, the presets works well together for stacking melodies or layers. perfekt for me .. love it !!.

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Rain Maker
Reviewed By gwenmollo
May 21, 2020

I needed a rain maker yesterday, and today this :)...

It's good, but we can't control the flux or anything else. It's just 4 sounds (rain, thunder...) with a on/off button.

For more control, but less quality, I used for many year : Rain by Xoxos, you can control a lot of thing there.

Great plug, limited, but do the work.

Ps: I try for several time to download, because my adblocker, so turn it off when you go to the page.

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Rain Maker
Reviewed By newluc
May 21, 2020

This plugin needs MIDI learn to control pan& volume with an external controller! Thanks for your works.

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