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Grenoble - The alps, France.

Hellooo :-).

My name is 'egnouf' (aka SMAO).
I am participating in a volunteer team called SMAOLAB in Grenoble.

Our Goal ?:

  • Promote & disseminate good practices around the creation of Sounds & Music made with Computers & Electronic devices.
  • We propose M4L plug-in developements that are inspired by various old school machines, and we use them during our live sessions.

We work for several artists and music companies like Sonic Faction (the famous Polyteck plug in : we created the sequencer :-)).

We propose different activites around music made with a computer or modular equipments: free conferences, events organised in schools-hich schools. We are also the official representants of the Ableton & Arturia User Group in Grenoble.

Check our website, our plugins are : simple & live !

Enjoy .

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