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Reviewed By bobsled
January 23, 2007

HurdyGurdy is a sample based VST instrument.

User Interface- A well laid out colorful GUI makes this plugin both easy and a pleasure to use. A few of the controls, such as Chanter and Trompette, require some knowledge of the actual instrument. No worries, there is an excellent explanation of these terms and their function (as well as nice pics) on the product page.

Sound- There is something quite special about the sound of this instrument. Evocative, stirring, plaintive, and accurate down to the very buzz and rattle that a real HurdyGurdy produces. Amazingly realistic.

*WARNING* I'm about to get all cheesy here. This instrument does make me feel more than a bit emotional while playing, as if, well, giving voice to my heart. Song to my soul? That may seem a bit much but it is honestly how I feel. Maybe it's an ancestry thing.

Features- Soundbytes has tried to give the user the means to tailor the sound of the instrument to his or her needs and tastes. It seems that it was also important to the dev that the instrument sound like what it was meant to sound, though there is an extended playable range. Two stereo outputs allow for even more flexibility and customization.

Documentation- There is an included manual as well as additional on-line information which will have you up and running in no time.

Presets- There are relatively few presets but due to the nature of the plugin how many do you need?

Customer Support- Support has been excellent, replies to my emails prompt and the dev has shown considerable class while dealing with questions here on KVR.

Value For Money- Again a rating of excellent, included with HurdyGurdy is the StringVerb stand-alone effect (the same StringVerb you see on the main panel).

Stability- Stable, stable, stable. HurdyGurdy does not crash, is CPU friendly and produces a predictable performance.Read Review

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