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SubMission Audio

SubMission Audio is a developer of premium virtual bass instruments for Native Instruments' Kontakt and Kontakt Free Player platforms. We are developing a suite of pro-audio plugins for mixing and mastering.

Our libraries are licensed and officially supported.

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Reviewed By SimenSandnes [all]
July 15th, 2019
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Mac

Yet another amazing virtual bass library from Submission Audio. I have been using Eurobass II for quite some time and I love it. Punk Bass is a very nice addition to Eurobass. The two amp-sim modes in the Punk Bass plugin is a very nice feature that gives you basically anything you'll ever need. A High fuzz, but still pretty metal, and a more mellow distortion for "softer" stuff. And ofcourse you have D.I signal so you can tweak it what ever way you want.
When I fist tried Eurobass, I was sceptic to the "Keyswitch" programming, because on all other plugins its just extremely hard to program what you want without having to spend hours programming, changing sound banks, etc. I have always thought: Why can't it just sound good when I pluck the MIDI notes is. - Both EuroBass and Punk Bass have answered my prayers. Start it up, select the your desired preset, and it sounds amazing. It is also VERY, VERY easy to program the KeySwitch. It's easy to learn, and does not require much effort at all to get the virtual instrument to play what every you want it to play.

Looking forward to more amazing releases from you guys.

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