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Products by Synthogy

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Ivory Italian Grand
Reviewed By digitalboytn
June 22nd, 2012

This is my favourite sampled grand piano...

I have tried most of them out there and this is the only one I really need...

The detail is stunning and the whole playing experience is a pleasure...

It is easily the most realistic "sampled piano" that I have ever heard...

The Italian Grand is very versatile and it works in every situation for me perfectly...

There are so many debates about what is the "best" piano and we all keep our ears to the ground to consider new options,but at this point I am happy just to play this piano and leave the debates behind..

I hate iLoks but I was so impressed with the Italian Grand that I bought 2 copies and 2 iLoks to run them...

Now - that's love :)

This is the one sampled grand piano that I would recommend above all others...

It really is a winner....

5 Stars and much kudos to the team at Synthogy for a fantastic sounding instrument...

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Ivory Grand Pianos
Reviewed By headhunter
August 21st, 2006

Ivory is the best sampled piano I’ve heard. I could not wait for this to come out on windows. I have an old Kurzweil Keyboard and I just love the pianos on it, so when Ivory came out with sounds programmed and sampled by the same people I was excited to hear the result ....i was not disappointed. Because it was on Mac first I was a bit worried about the stability i needn't have been it was very smooth no problems, the samples loaded quite fast too. I’ve had no reason to use customer support so I gave a 5. As for features it’s just a piano but you can really tweak the sound to extremes and layer synth pad sounds so it dose more than you would expect. I had The Grand and listening to the examples of The Grand 2 and the Akoustik piano they still seem to have that same plunky sampled piano sound, Ivory sounds and responds like a real piano. I have played grand pianos in good sounding halls and rooms and Ivory has that rich and lively sound of the real thing sweet. Ok I like it a lot .
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