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Tachyon Sonics

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Tachyon Audio Time Stretch
Reviewed By cheakypawl
April 13th, 2023

Quite incredible. I feel like I've stumbled upon some hidden holy grail. Speeding up is relatively uniform across most time-stretchers, losing material, or making things smaller is easier, you have the material to play with - but slowing down is a whole other calculation. Making more of something from less takes some high level of processing, and some delicacy when it comes to transients. Bear in mind this is not real-time (the developer would be a millionaire from this if it were so), this is calculated, and sometimes it take up to 5-10 times longer than the file, but the results are nothing short of impressive. Don't take my word for it, the demo give you a 30 second window to play with. Find a track with short delicate top end percussion and hear how they are kept (more) intact, compared to pretty much any other off line stretcher I have used. Extremely high quality. Don't tell everyone, I want it to myself. I know of one other time stretch app that works a little better, but for the money, this should be more known.

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