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Odin 2

Reviewed By EgonTwo [all]
October 7th, 2022
Version reviewed: 2.3.4 on Windows

A very nice sounding and interesting synth. I like the semi-modular approach and the ample modulation matrix. A great compromise that offers lots of flexibility without becoming overwhelmingly complicated. I find it still a bit buggy, at this point, so I can't give it the five stars I'm sure it will eventually deserve.

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Odin 2

Reviewed By Airlane1979 [all]
July 27th, 2022
Version reviewed: 2.3 on Windows

This is easy to use, simple to navigate and sounds both warm and interesting. However, I can get only 6 voices of polyphony out of it, not the 24 in the manual, even using just one oscillator in Unison 1 mode. I wonder what I'm doing wrong?

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Odin 2

Reviewed By Trader One [all]
January 9th, 2022
Version reviewed: 2.3 on Windows

Odin is very good sounding and open source synth. Its not well known as Surge but it sounds way more warm. It can produce classic analog sounds and has lot of filters which works very well, this is its strongest point.

It has built in amp distortion, delay, phaser, chorus, flanger reverb. It supports 11 Oscillator types and 13 filters, 4 LFO and 4 Envelopes. It needs more envelopes because lot of things can be modulated, more LFO would not hurt but I do not use LFOs so much. It can be called "free Diva".

Weakest part is ARP. Most synth authors are simply unwilling to make proper ARP. This ARP has 16 steps only and you can't set gate and velocity to each step. Just very few synths (Viper, Omnisphere) implements proper ARP with at least 32 steps.

Wake up guys Korg Triton in 90's had 48 steps polyphonic ARP which can do not just basic notes but also note number in chord played and velocity/gate to each step. In dance music we use 1/16 steps - 16 step ARP can play just one bar - not enough for making riff.

Would I use it as my workhorse synth every day? No. Without more envelopes and proper ARP is worthless for me but if you are just starting and do not have these $200 synths yet then its must have.

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Odin 2

Reviewed By EnvidiostheFox [all]
October 19th, 2021
Version reviewed: 2.1.0 on Windows

Un plugin con formante X e Y excelente, lo malo es que el Phaser no es muy presente pero aun así se pueden formar Growls fantásticos.

5 Estrellas para Odin 2 :3.

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Odin 2

Reviewed By Adorion [all]
October 27th, 2020
Version reviewed: 2 on Mac


Great sounding and versatile synth. Indeed one of the best freeware synths out there! One of those synths that you want to tweak and see and hear, what is possible and not one of those rather uninspiring synths or incarnations of what's already been done a dozen times. It fits perfectly into many genres and it will be one of my new go-to machines. Great! Thanks for programming such a nice piece of audio software!.

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Odin 2

Reviewed By YoddYarmonics [all]
October 26th, 2020
Version reviewed: 2.2 on Windows

Oscillators that scream of Ragnarok, god tier filters, thunder envelopes and modulation possibilities as wide as the sky. This is an epic synth right here.

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