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Proudly digital audio processors, made with love. Compatible with VST, Audio-Unit and AAX audio plugin hosts.

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TDR Nova
Reviewed By PureBasic
April 11, 2021

Sorry guys. I'm removing two stars. This VST is very good and can be a life saver when going surgical on some complex sounds. But it is very hungry for CPU, like the Kotelnikov.

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TDR Nova
Reviewed By dissofiddle
March 21, 2021

Nova is so impressive for a lot of reasons.

I could easily cost 100 ou 200 hundred euros, and still be impressive.
As you know, it is a excellent dynamic EQ, and the compression sounds very natural.

What is less obvious if you didn't try it, is its sound quality, which is as good or even better than proQ and other.

So what the catch here ???

The catch is that it uses a lot more CPU thant ProQ or other plugins and has less features (only 4 bands, no linear mode, no per band listening, no m/s mode etc.)
However, .It has a very good automatic gain compensation and is free.
So it CPU use and these features doesn't matter to you, it is the best.

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Reviewed By filippenokdanil
December 3, 2020

На данный момент, я считаю, что это самый чистый эквалайзер на рынке. Я проверял его на такой программе, как "Plugin Doctor", по результатам нету никакого насыщения даже при усилении в +18 db! Однозначно заслуживает внимание каждого звукорежиссёра.

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TDR Molot GE
Reviewed By Najimad
October 26, 2020

Tokyo dawn did it again. I have no need for another compressor plugin. But this one is too special, too unique, too good...

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Reviewed By nonewwavenofun
August 23, 2020

Very clean, subtle 3-band EQ. I particularly like the Russian saturation mode. I've never felt like I needed more features than the free version.

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TDR Limiter 6 GE
Reviewed By Duncle22
July 23, 2020

Great bit of software at an even better price. If you don't have the money or just don't want to spend hundreds on plugin's the TDR Limiter 6 GE is the way to go...

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Reviewed By TreverSnyder
May 18, 2020

perfect for final mixing. the german mastering preset has a great feel. not overpowering like some eq's. great for adding shine and crisp nips on your tracks.

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This is the the best of the most kind freeware mastering feedback buss compressor for free, it's gives glue to the mix like a ssl pro & UAD precision buss compressor free plugin version, and very very great good quality for mix & mastering, on the stereo master buss output for finishing mixes tochs. I love this plugin 64-bit free download, TDR your the most of the best audio plugins for free ever found, love u guys.

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