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Reviewed By Jason_ZA
January 21, 2021

Ripchord is possibly the best MIDI audition tool (not just playing the MIDI but being able to see the notes being played), thanks to it's minimal CPU usage and the ability to scroll through the presets with the arrow keys, without any delay.

The search function in the presets section helps a lot but one feature I'd really like to see in a future update is the ability to have the preset folder contain subfolders, rather than them all being in one directory, in order to have them more organised. Finding specific presets when you have a lot can be quite a challenge, so having them categorised in folders would make it a lot easier - even if this only allows for searching in the folder you select.

Great VST and really worth checking out. I have Scaler 2 but still prefer auditioning with Ripchord - it's just so much quicker, especially when you have tonnes of Scaler presets added. Keep up the great work, Trackbout and thanks for this amazing free plugin.

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Reviewed By bluetom
March 3, 2020

Congratulations to the new version of RipChord. Nice new features are included. And working perfect without muting any notes if you press another note after the first. Really polyphone!! The only thing is the functionality of the Mod-Wheel und the Pitch-Wheel.
Would be nice if that will passing through.

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