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Reviewed By tommyzai
April 18, 2014

ClassicTone-560 by TriTone Digital
is fantastic emulation of the famous 1970s API 560 EQ. This convolution (authentic IRs), 10-band, graphic re-creation is extremely easy to use and helps to create a big, fat, punching sound — guitars and drums (esp. snares and toms) really come to life. The CT560 provides sweeping band corrections that make it perfectly suited for mixing duties and global mastering enhancement.


  • Straight forward, simple, yet powerful interface band sliders.
  • Shines on mids.
  • Fat, punchy, and warm.
  • CPU friendly.
  • Innovating developers.


  • Will my g/f kill me if I get TriTone's bundle?


This virtual version of the API 560 is extremely musical and great sounding. It's priced right and is produced by an excellent developer. I highly recommend it to any eMusician, producer, sound designer, film and game scorer, DJ, etc., who is looking for a vintage EQ that delivers! When used wisely, this plugin provides sonic glue for audio tracks. Tommy Zai gives ClassicTone-560 two vintage thumbs up. Thank you, TriTone Digital for developing a sweet EQ.

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Reviewed By poshook
June 18, 2012

There are many great EQs on the market right now. Some of them are clean some of them colorful some of them emulate old vintage hardware etc.

BUT this Tritone Digital ClasicTone-560 is something very special you can not find anywhere else. It does not emulate any vintage gear, IT IS a vintage gear right in your computer. That means it sounds and behaves the same as piece of hardware. And what hardware do I mean? No less than API560 10-band graphic equalizer which is probably the best sounding EQ ever made.

I made a lot of comparisons to all major competitive emulations but ClassicTone-560 wins hands down in terms of smoothness, fullness and overall character.

The CPU load is very low so you can use this Eq on all your tracks and buses. Stability is 100%. There were no crash or conflict with other plugins. (OS X 10.6.8, Logic 9.1.7, 64bit)

I strongly recommend this baby to all of them who are looking for creamy sounding and easy to use plugin from the high-end class.

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Reviewed By SongMonkey
February 6, 2006

Simple test. Put Hydratone on any track. Boost at the frequencies of choice (let's leave aside boost/cut issues for the moment). Play with the "Fire" knob. Play with the Phase knob. Bring down the volume so you can engage it without a noticable increase in overall volume. Now bring in any other software eq you have, at any price, make the same boosts, adjust the level...and A/B them.

I think you'll be shocked at how flat even your most expensive software eq will sound in comparison. I was, for damn sure. It's that obvious. I've never had an eq that brought such a 3D sound to my tracks. The difference is night and day.

Drawbacks: Plenty of 'em. CPU hog. You have to install Pluggo runtime for it to work. The eq curve display is only roughly accurate, and more distracting than anything else. The action is anything but smooth.

But I'd go through a MUCH darker hell to get that SOUND. This is not a surgical eq, nor is it clean. It's all color, all mojo. You can choose any of four hardware eq models with each band, but the Fire and Phase controls really put it head and shoulders above any other colored eq. Being able to adjust the phase of each track while the mix is in full swing will bring amazing results. It continually surprises me how much easier it is now to get certain tracks to sit into the mix.

This is a great tool. If you think your tracks need an injection of life and vibe, you would be doing yourself a disservice not give this eq a serious look. Highly recommended.Read Review

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