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My Design Philosophy in Audio Plugins is Simplicity.

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RealSpread 64
Reviewed By kosmikfead
August 20th, 2023

Nothing else like it. Had it for years. Nothing can replace this. Combined with trupressor any sound or vocal becomes huge. Add the truverb and you are done.

Response from Achristo from Truality Audio on October 1st, 2023

Thanks for the positive review. Greatly appreciated.

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Reviewed By qualthebean
August 5th, 2023

Sometimes the plugins with the worst GUIs are the best. I looked at the GUI and was like what the frick is this plugin; it has only one knob and looks like it sounds awful. I am so glad I tried it bc I will be using this frequently. It boosts the high end without sounding overly harsh and it's free.

Response from Achristo from Truality Audio on October 1st, 2023

I appreciate the positive review. You are right. My main concern is sound and simplicity in use, not the optics. I "design" plugins in my free time, as a hobby.

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Reviewed By andlil
October 18th, 2022

This is quite a nice panning plugin, I assume they use both volume panning together with the Haas effect to make the panning really natural. To me it certainly sounds better than just standard volume panning.

However with automation in Steinberg Cubase 12 it does not work. As soon as I activate the automation (R-button) the TruPan plugin completely stops the sound from going through, just silence. If I turn off automation AND deactivate, then activate the plugin it works normally again. But as soon as I turn on "follow automation" (R-button) there is only silence on that track.

I am using TruPan (64).vst3.

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Reviewed By eranmadi84
May 10th, 2020

This plugin 64-bit free, it's the most of the best mastering glue mix buss processor, a freeware waves GW mix centric, freeware clone drawmer s73 freeware clones VST plugins 64-bit version, with giving clarity glue maximize compression, very useful great on the master buss output channel for master glue mix buss, to makes mix & mastering. I love this plugin & I'm really happy by the results, love u guys.

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