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Welcome to Ultimate MIDI Plugin.
Our goal is to make intuitive, inspiring and practical VST plugins or apps related to vst.
We are currently working on video tutorials and plugin updates for better features, and prototypes for new apps.
We want our plugins to be your best and favorite plugins.

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Latest reviews of Ultimate MIDI Plugin products

Reviewed By Plgul
March 23rd, 2022

1~2 hours of testing -> Ouh là là.

But, since they don't offer demos, I had to make a big decision to buy this.

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Reviewed By kinoko89
March 4th, 2022

The functionality is simple and seems very useful when experimenting with chords.
I would like to see the ability to detect chords when played on a MIDI keyboard.
Also, the chord presets section is divided into AB, but it would be easier to try out chords if there was a layout where you could see all the chords on one page.

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Reviewed By LuciferDraven
January 13th, 2022

really simple and fun. amazing...
looking forward to the next updates.

and simple chord detection is also nice.

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Reviewed By pascalb
January 8th, 2022

I make music but I'm not a real musician and doesn't know music theory.

UChord is a very easy to use plugin for me, I try some others but too difficult for me.

I buy it, with 12$ intro price, it's a very cool price.

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I really like this software. I recommend you to use this.

great software for great workflow.

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Ultimate Kontakt Library Manager
Reviewed By belladona
January 12th, 2021

Must have if you own Kontakt! Super useful tool to organize all of your Kontakt libraries and instruments into categories! The ability to import all the libraries in Quick Load is simply amazing.

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