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Reviewed By serpineslair
December 27, 2020

Amazing (Apart from crashes)

This virtual modular synth is amazing... there are seemingly infinite possibilities. And better yet... IT'S free!!! I would rate this 5 stars, however it crashes pretty much every other time I use it, and when using big modules I experience lag. It is possible to ignore the lagging, however the crashes can become annoying. Despite this, I am soooo thankful to the creator of this software for making it. It is one of my favourite audio applications.

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Reviewed By caecos
December 15, 2018

Hora already offer free and commercial modules for VCVRack that are top notch...this new tool will be appreciate for sure. Bravo Raphael.

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Reviewed By dlawlis
April 5, 2018

Although I don't own any Eurorack hardware I've seen videos of this thing being compared to it and I can't tell the difference. The latest version will connect to your DAW (though not quite a full-fledged plugin). I think this is pretty amazing software, AND it's free and open-source.

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