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Reviewed By robohymn
October 20, 2014

This thing is pretty weak. Has some big problems loading normal SYSEX files no created by it or D-50 Librarian, which is actually better and free of charge but lacks the VST and parameter automation elements. I paid about $45 Canadian and it's not worth that, needs a lot of work to justify that price, but I don't feel TOTALLY ripped off -- I did get it working more or less fine in REAPER after a bunch of frustrating fiddling. Have a feeling it's basically abandoned by the developer -- if that's the case, I'd like to register my disgust with developers who discontinue development on half-finished products while continuing to happily charge full price for them. Kind of gross, especially since this thing wasn't even written in C, it was done in bloody SynthMaker or SynthEdit or whatever.

If you can easily afford MIDI Quest, go for that instead. That said, this DOES more or less work despite the major failings and the fact that the dev doesn't care but will charge you almost $50 anyway. Thanks for reading.

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