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Reviewed By Swordnspade1
June 22nd, 2021

Figured I would give a review as I didn't see any here. I would say this one of my favorite plugins and possibly one of my most used. The operation is super simple and I find it to just be a powerful and useful tool in making electronic music.

The sound quality is superb. It almost adds a stereo granular / imaging effect to the audio that sounds very nice for pads and sound effects. It can sometimes be a bit difficult to fine tune, but that's to be expected of a VST such as this.

The user interface might bother some, but I personally think it's perfect for something like this. Not too ugly; Not too flashy. It gets the job done and is easy to navigate. That's all that's important to me.

One gripe I have with this plugin, however, is the crashes that occur upon startup with my DAW. I use Reaper, so i'm unsure if this is just a Reaper problem, but is seems whenever I have a couple of instances of this plugin running on a project, Reaper will freeze up and crash right upon opening. I've found that freezeing / bouncing my tracks fixes this, which isn't too big of an inconvenience, just annoying. So if this is crashing Reaper for you, try that.

If you can't access your project because of crashes, try opening a blank project and opening the one you wish via a project tab (should be an option in the "open project") menu. That seemed to work for me.

All-in-all just get this plugin. It's free and very inspiring.

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