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Pulse Audio
customers login in the dashboard an retreive their licence key number.
7, Avenue du Général Pierre Billotte, 94000 Créteil France

ZenDAW is the sound design endeavor helmed by the talented French composer, Stéphane Horeczko. The focus of ZenDAW revolves around crafting unconventional sounds, skillfully blending a myriad of synthesis techniques, including analog, FM, granular, additive, resynthesis, spectral modeling, and wavetable synthesis. With a keen eye for innovation and a passion for pushing sonic boundaries, ZenDAW continues to deliver a diverse and captivating range of audio experiences, enriching the creative endeavors of musicians and producers worldwide.

ZenDAW provides sample based sound libraries into most used formats:

Decent Sampler, Reason Refills, WAV, NI Kontakt, Arturia (Analog Lab V & Emulator II V), Korg Wavestate, E-mu Systems EIII iconic hardware sampler and compatible.

ZenDAW's work focuses also on designing easy to use DAW remote software controllers for FHD touchscreens under Windows OS.

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