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Want to manage your company's products at KVR Audio? Want to submit news items? Want to sell via the KVR Marketplace?

With KVR Developer Access, companies / developers can add new products and manage their existing product listings in the KVR Product Database, submit news items for publication in the KVR News Sections, and sell their products directly to KVR members via the KVR Marketplace!

Representatives of a developer, whether a one-man-band or a mega corp, can be made Administrators or Editors for a developer at KVR. Administrators can then manage permissions for other administrators or editors for their developer account. You can be an administrator or editor for more than one developer if necessary. If you apply to manage a developer that does not yet have an administrator we at KVR will seek confirmation that you are a legitimate representative of the developer you have applied to manage and then grant you administrator access.

With KVR Developer Access you can:

Sell via the KVR Marketplace: sell your products directly to KVR members; manage your KVR Marketplace presence; create time-limited special offers; choose what and when to sell. You are in control.
Submit News Items for posting in the main KVR news sections, including the KVR home page. News items are subject to editorial approval from a KVR Admin before being posted.
Add New Products to the KVR Product Database (The database supports plug-ins, plug-in hosts, stand-alone apps, mobile apps and soundware).
Edit Your Existing Products in the database (edit plug-in formats, OSes, version numbers, prices, links, images, description, etc.).
Manage Developer Logo for news items and your developer pages.
Manage Public Developer Page @ KVR (company description, support links, social networking links, etc.)

Apply for Developer Access

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