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Ample Sound releases Ample China Konghou and Sampling Engine 4

Ample Sound

Ample Sound has announced the release of the Ample China Konghou(ACKH), based on the new Ample Sound 4.0 sampling engine, sampled on a Peacock type 76-string Konghou.

The Konghou is an ancient harp-like picked string instrument that was introduced to East Asia from Persia over 2000 years ago.

Unlike a harp, the Konghou has 76 strings in two rows. Each pair of strings connected to a bottom lever. Picking a string and pressing the corresponding string can produce articulations such as vibrato and bends.

The Konghou has a soft tone and a wide range (G0 – B5), making it suitable for various musical styles including film scores, game music, easy listening, new age, and pop etc.

Performer: Ye Lin.


  • The ACKH offers 8 articulations including Sustain, Nature Harmonic, Expressive Tremolo, Straight Tremolo, Short Tremolo, Ascending Arpeggio, Descending Arpeggio, and Pre-Vibrato 8 articulations, totaling 7.5 GB of samples.
  • Recorded using 5 microphones positioned left, right, center, and stereo ambience, each with individual channel EQ. 4 microphone modes are provided – AB1, AB2, MS1 and MS2.
  • Includes various Konghou Glissando samples.

Key Features:

  • Ample Sound 4.0 sampling engine
    • Developed on the latest Juce 7.
    • Featuring a completely redrawn UI, supporting 5K HD resolution.
    • A brand-new version of the Riffer editor.
  • New built-in Piano roll – Riffer Piano version
    • Allows easy marking of articulations and expressions without the keyswitches.
    • Fully compatible with standard MIDI for lossless import and export.
    • Includes MIDI algorithm tools like Quantize, Velocity Rounding, Timing Rounding, Legato, and Restrict etc.
    • Each preset comes with a riff for a quick demonstration of the ACKH's playing and tonal characteristics.
  • ACKH Glissando Mode:
    • By pressing the begin and end notes, the system automatically generates a pentatonic, heptatonic, or Persian scale sequence in between (according to the Key setting);
    • The time interval between the begin and end notes controls the duration of each note in the sequence, thus determines the speed of the glissando.
    • The velocity of begin and end notes controls the variation in intensity, allowing for different variations from soft to hard or vice versa.
  • Voice independent SAHDS Modulation System.
  • Special Konghou bend system.
  • Tremolo system: Velocity controls the Start position of tremolo sample.

System Requirements:

  • Windows: Windows 7/8/10, 64-bit only (32-bit not supported).
  • Mac: 10.13 or newer versions.
  • VST2, VST3, AU, AAX and Standalone host.
  • Intel i5 or higher.
  • iLok Anti-Piracy system, which requires a free iLok account. The license can be stored on the local machine without an iLok dongle, or on 2nd/3rd generation iLok dongle.

ACKH is available now with an introductory price of $112 (Reg. $149) until June 10, 2024.

Peacock Feather

Rainy Night

It Rained All Night

Legend of the Wind

Demo Song



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