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- Sciences of earth, life, and universe.
- Drawing, painting, and photography.
- Asian arts.
- Buddhism Zen and Ch'an. Taoism.
- Asian and French pescetarian cooking.
- Peaceful music and classical music. A bit of prog-rock music (style Genesis, Pink Floyd, Camel...)
Biogeography (now just retired)
Severely diseased since September 2018
very close to Paris, France
- Practice of piano since 1965, flutes (asian and european) since 1966, Chinese violin (ErHu) since 1968, acoustic guitar since 1973, electric guitar (Squier) since 1975, synths since 1975 (in a local band).

- First personal synth in 1977 (Farfisa Syntorchestra), followed by others since then (Moog Opus-3, Korg Polysix, Korg Mono/Poly, Casio CZ-101, and recently Yamaha DX7, Casio CZ-3000, Korg Polysix again, Korg MS2000).

My job: I was biologist of the Evolution, biogeographer: the science of the distribution of the vegetal/animal species along the history of the Earth untill today, with the relations between geology (continent drift, continent collisions, orogenesis) and climate changes and their impacts on the birth and evolution of the species (and the evolution of their genomes for the most recent ones). All that throughout the world, especially in the region of Tethys in my first half of career and in the far-east region in the second part of my career.

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Build your life everyday as if you would live for a thousand years. Marvel at the Life everyday as if you would die tomorrow.
I'm now severely diseased since September 2018.