870 EVO or 970 EVO Plus for Windows & DAW

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Rebuilding a Dell XPS 8900.
Have an 870 EVO 1TB SSD and a 970 EVO SSD NVMe M.2 1TB

Which would you install WIndows 10 on?
Which would you install Reaper, Studio One, Cubase and VST's on?



Honestly, neither. Not enough space there, really. For me, I used a 4 TB boot drive, a secondary 6 TB, and 4 TB external and a 10 TB external.

I put my VST's on the boot drive, and use the secondary for development. Kind of regretting not using something larger for boot and secondary now, too.

But, depends how much you want to invest in VST's too. That's were you will eat the drive space the most with.

I also found it much easier to use the boot drive for apps along with the VST's, only because I used the default path locations from the developers. Just easier to not have to remember which went where..

Also, you need space for the OS cache.. with everything I have, I have 1 TB left of my boot drive..


My strategy:
1. System drive: SSD, get everything you can off it, exept appdata of your main user. Make regular full backups of this drive. (I use Macrium Reflect nowadays)
2. Data drive: SSD, as big as you can. Put User/You there and anything you can get off the System drive.
3. Sample drve: NVMe SSD, as big and fast as you can and need. Put samples and heavy projects you use regularely there.
3. Big, fast HD: the rest.


Thank you for the input.
From the research I have done, and other computers I have updated to an 860 EVO 1TB, it seems like the best option is to install windows on the 870 EVO along with the DAW's and VST's and put the sample libraries on the 970 EVO and also use the 970 for projects and recording. My other systems usually boot in about 30 seconds on an 860 EVO so that is fine for my purpose.
I plan to make this a dedicated music system only so no SQL Server or other programming applications as I have other systems that already have those installed.
I do not have that many sample libraries so there should be plenty of room to install Cubase, Studio One, Reaper, MusicLab guitars, Heavier7String, EZBass, and Steinberg Absolute.
Thanks again for replying.

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