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Post Thu Jun 06, 2019 11:22 pm

I am writing this post to inform everyone publicly that my intention with this post (Link: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=526366) was not to defame Stargardtian, as he thought and mentioned as the case to be in PMs. Why would I blackmail someone? Also, we were discussing in that topic some scenarios to be prepared for of which refund was one and that's what we ultimately did. I have seen such posts in the past and my intention was to seek KVR members help as to what I should, especially in a situation where I did nothing wrong, as I have not been in this situation before. I have no wrong intention, which is evident from my posts so far and transactions with so many people here.

So, if Stargardtian thinks of this as a defamation or something, please note that it was not the case. I am sorry for any confusion created. I have no problems now about him and take back any claims (which I really did not, but misunderstood for) if he is willing to move on positively from here instead of dragging it further.

Stargardtian does not seem to be a bad person, as he returned my license back (and I returned his money back), which I already appreciated and thanked for. So, I request KVR members to consider him as a genuine member here.

I would appreciate if Stargardtian could acknowledge this topic and make everything normal and peaceful.

Thank you everyone!
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