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KVR Audio
KVRAudio, Inc., PO Box 620323, Woodside, CA 94062

KVR Audio is the Internet's number one news and information resource for audio software.

We report new releases, product announcements and product updates (major and minor) for music software products, including DAWs, VST Plug-ins, Audio Unit Plug-ins, and AAX Plug-ins. In addition, we report on mobile apps for iOS and Android and of course the numerous related soundware and hardware products.

We offer a fully searchable audio plug-in, application, soundware, hardware and app database (updated daily), and offer many free member services including user reviews, product update notifications and very active discussion forums on a variety of audio software related topics. We also host official forums for many plug-in and soundware developers.

Developers can manage their product listings and news items. Apply here if you wish to take charge of your company or have a new one to add.

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