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I record a podcast and am looking for a way to record intro and outro music in real time. I can load the music clips into the sampler plugin that came with T7 (for example on track1). Then set track1 as the input for track2 and record. This allows me to play/record the samples by clicking with my mouse on the soft synth on the key that I set each sample to. This will work and I may just have to do this (or rewire to Soundly).

BUT I’m hoping there’s a way I can set these samples to play from pressing a button on my laptop keyboard (“A” for intro music and “F” for outro for example). I tried setting up the virtual MIDI, but it looks like I’d need a separate MIDI for each sample and click in and out a bunch. I’d like to utilize similar functionality in the future for sound effects/sound drops in real time.

Am I missing an obvious feature in T7? Do I need a plugin to do this? Is T7 just not capable of this?

I was able to find Kenny Gioia’s tutorial for podcasting in Reaper that outlines exactly what I’m trying to do using ReaSamplOmatic. Except he uses a real MIDI and I’d like to just use a virtual MIDI. Here’s the link https://youtu.be/EXtGrz-09X8

If T7 is the wrong software for what I’m trying to do, I’ll end up switching. It’s just hard to believe such a simple function is so hard to implement.

Really hoping to hear back.

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