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Best known for their ground breaking DAW Waveform, Seattle based Tracktion Corp have built a reputation for creating some of the most inspiring and musical tools around.

From innovative digital audio workstations to awe inspiring granular synthesisers, their diverse range of sonic offerings have attracted the attention of industry leading sound designers, composers and musicians alike such as: Richard Devine, Mark Mothersbaugh and Jordan Rudess.

Tracktion have long believed in making music production accessible to the masses and in that spirit offer a free, fully featured, unrestricted DAW. By empowering hundreds of thousands of aspiring music producers across the globe they have created a loyal community of passionate users from a wide range of backgrounds.

For more information, please visit www.tracktion.com.

Products by Tracktion Software

Latest reviews of Tracktion Software products

Waveform Pro
Reviewed By Frontface
May 17th, 2022

I started recording in 2020. After purchasing an audio interface, mic, and some monitors, I researched DAWs. Having spent years in broadcasting I was familiar with a lot of the concepts used in DAWs so I decided to try as many free products as I could find.

My first download was Audacity. When I found that I couldn't use third-party VSTs, that was the end of that. I downloaded and started playing with Reason and Studio One but finally decided to go with the leader, Pro Tools. It took me about two minutes to realize that I would never be happy with any Avid product. It did, however, give me a frame-of-reference.

There were other, lesser-known DAWs that I downloaded and tried. Finally, I downloaded the free version of Traction Waveform.

I immediately got a "good vibe" from the product.

It made sense to my brain. It was more intuitive than anything I had tried.

So I stuck with Waveform.

The longer I used it, the more features I discovered and the more I was able to do.

After about six months I purchased Waveform Pro and discovered a bunch of great virtual instruments. I love the fact that their "left-to-right" architecture is so simple and so efficient. No rack-wiring or convoluted set-up. As fast as you can re-arrange plug-ins, you can hear the changes.

I'm all in with Tracktion Waveform. I can't imagine an easier-to-use, more feature-packed, DAW.

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Waveform Pro
Reviewed By Bwells
March 28th, 2022

I just bought Waveform 12 pro after having not used it for several years on recommendation from a close friend. I always thought "Tracktion" had a unique workflow that while being different, also had its own charm. A few quirks kept me from upgrading for a couple of versions but this one has been wonderful. I am able to use all of my CPU hungry plugins without getting hickups or stutters. It handles both audio and MIDI very smoothly now and I'm not getting crashes like I was before. I love the customizable interface and you can really work without tons of clutter around you. I am running Windows 11 with an intel i5 8400 and 16 GB of RAM for what its worth.

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Waveform Pro
Reviewed By jjpscott01
March 23rd, 2022

Version 12 of Waveform has finally solidified the DAW as a legit contender to some of its larger competitors. It's fast, efficient, visually appealing, powerful, and it just feels very refined. The MIDI editing tools have been given an overhaul which was always a major drawback before. It handles all modern plugins that I've tested perfectly and so far has been extremely stable. At this stage I also feel that Waveform is probably the best looking DAW on the market. It's a sleek, modern, simple, customizable interface that looks incredible on any modern computer screen. I highly recommend the latest version of Waveform.

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Waveform Free
Reviewed By Frontface
January 13th, 2022

I started with Audacity. It didn't accept 3rd party plugins and had too many restrictions. I dumped it after a month.

Next up was Pro Tools. Then I learned that it's an AVID product so that was the end of it for me (too much bad karma from previous AVID experiences.

Tried Reason and Prosonus. They were OK.

Finally I tried Waveform. It made sense and had all the features I needed. Great MIDI editor. Great built-in plugins. Easy to create sub mixers, folders, multiple plugins. I've been using it for about two years. I was so impressed with Waveform Free that I stepped up to Waveform Pro. That added a great synth tool (Collection) and a lot more plugins.

I recently added Mixbus 7. Beautiful mixer but challenging MIDI tools. I really don't want to create 20 MIDI tracks on Waveform then port them over to Mixbus 7.

So I'm married to Waveform. It does everything I can think of. It's easy to use, stable, plays well with others (no problem with 3rd party plugins). I can't imagine a better DAW.

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RetroMod Fat
Reviewed By Trader One
December 11th, 2021

You will get sampled Moog synths. Quite lot of presets. Navigating to find what you want is time consuming. I am not huge Moog fanboy, so no comments on sampling quality.

Problem is that collection quite large about 6 GB. Can't tell you exact number their marketplace is down. For me that amount of disk space can be better invested and sampled Moog replaced by virtual analog.

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Reviewed By Trader One
December 11th, 2021

This is very interesting project. It's not replacement for Reaktor. You can't build custom synths and custom blocks here. User base is much smaller compared to Reaktor and there is no site where users can share their patches. Also no SDK for writing/porting own modules.

it's modular synth with layers and polyphony, you build your own synth from provided components. Some components have features not found often in main stream synths. GUI is easy to work with, I like wires more then in Reaktor; more complex patches are easier to build then in competitive products (cherry audio, soft tube, VCV rack).

Sound is nice, but there is no wave table synth with ability to load surge, vital, serum wave tables. You can only morph between waves. For sound design it's not a big difference but people would like to import their tables. It should be viewed as digital synth, not analog emulation. It has some filters inspired by vintage analogs but sound is nowhere close as other vendors (KORG, NI, Air Music tech) can do.

overall sound is nice. If you build own sounds and feel limited by number of LFO, envelopes in standard synth you will like this product. It can do FM4 synth with multiple algorithms but there is no DX7 compatible mode you can turn on and load half of DX7 patch.

Interesting feature is that this synth can generate MIDI CC messages. You can use it for example as fancy envelope generator.

I noticed that during Black Friday lot of people purchased competing modular synths for 40 USD. I can understand it - it will be unlikely your daily work horse synth (no downloadable extra presets, design sound is slower), so you do not want to pay much.

product is definitely worth checking. It's single developer project but unlike similar products distributed by Tracktion, author is communicating well. So, I think it's good to buy synth and give him chance to hire more developers and let Hyperion grow.

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Waveform Pro
Reviewed By Trader One
December 11th, 2021

I don't think that this software will provide best value for your spend money. While it has loyal user base, it's still very small after lot of years spent on development. Released free current version (instead of 2 years old) attracts new people for sure. Will they stay?

while waveform has lot of features you would expect from today DAW execution of these features it's not good. It crashes quite often - for example during project load, I have to try several times until project loads without DAW crash. This is not something you want to work with. Sandbox with plugins crashes often - all your VST will die, hopefully you saved your work. Since it's not major DAW plugin developers won't test on this platform and there will be always plugins crashing more then in other DAW.

GUI is very unintuitive, things which you expect be at one place are scattered. I am not against minimalist GUI design, it's just much harder to execute it well. You can certainly adapt but why, we have way better DAW for the same amount of money.

software is not suitable for mixing, but for composing I got surprised, you can do some things faster then in other DAW.

With pro standard version you will get some bundled instruments. But nothing exciting there, just Biotek synth is pretty unique. Repackaged Air Windows VST with GUI, good attempt. Antares Auto tune and melodyne included.

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Reviewed By Trader One
December 11th, 2021

This unique Product is definitely capable of producing good moving sounds just by fiddling around with controllers. While Hyperion can do these kinds of sound well, some time is needed to program patches.

This one is for people with artist mindset. It feels more like game then traditional synth. It will work on live stage as well. Also it's very good for relaxing after all that hard DAW work.

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