A little freebie Kontakt instrument. (Also, now in SFZ format)

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I made a little freebie made from some old crusty and grainy samples from an Evolution EVS-1, Korg DSS1(lo-fi sampler)and some samples from a Waldorf Streichfett. Works with Kontakt 5.6.5

Don't get too excited as they are old samples that were headed for the delete bin, but I thought I would make a free instrument from them, instead - You might be able to use them. :)

Comes with some presets included such as pads, strings, synths, weirdness and my favorite is the evs-1 Boards of Canada type fm tone. It also has the drum samples that are inside the EVS-1 - I'm not sure what drum machines evolution sampled when they made the EVS-1, but they sound a bit 80's sample based drum machine.

https://soundcloud.com/synth-magic/evsf ... instrument


Download below.

Kontakt Version. http://www.mediafire.com/file/86vs617j3 ... ettEVS.zip

SFZ version http://www.mediafire.com/file/8kx4ad3lc ... evssfz.zip

KVR j_e_g tweaked DSS1 samples in SFZ format (Thanks j_e_g)http://wikisend.com/download/500208/DSS1phased.zip

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Thanks a lot for sharing Steve

Almost 50 patches with the multis, that is rich for a freebie :tu:

Going through them now, immediate favourites are DM Choir, Gotham, Slow Strings


Demo sounds great. Thanks for the Freebie. :)
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no worries :)
I will probably sample some more of the evs-1 when it decides to start working again. It works ok for a while and then makes these weird digital clicks with some of the sounds(unless they are all like this and it is just how the synth is, it is a weird synth).

DM Choir is quite a nice grainy choir, the Korg DSS-1 is very lo-fi and makes things a bit grainy.

Made a quick demo track.

https://soundcloud.com/synth-magic/swee ... ontakt-565

For those who may be interested in the drum sounds - Drums are from Sample Science Dusty Eclectic Goldmine and the vocals are from The Abominable Dr. Phibes (i'm obsessed with that film ha ha) the vocals were sampled into a Bastl Microgranny sampler(a little lo-fi sampler).
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NO Sir,

this is definitely no "little freebie" :D

For me this stands in line with the selled audiowarp stuff :tu: :clap: :o

The multis are absolutely great with real sound character, love it. And a well designed surface, different convolution reverbs too choose, NO, definitely a BIG freebie :D


Very, very nice. Thank you for your generous donation of these instruments.


Thanks all,
I have converted the samples into sfz format(Using Translator 6 so no vouch for how accurate it all is, it seems fine and seems to have worked well), so you can load them into your sfz sampler of your choice - Obviously you won't have the presets, but at least you can get to use the samples if you want to.

http://www.mediafire.com/file/8kx4ad3lc ... evssfz.zip

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synthmagic wrote: I have converted the samples into sfz format
Yay! Thanks, great stuff as always 8)




Thanks! I love the sound and the simple controls, I can tell I will be able to use it in my tracks!


That first pad sounds like it could be a preset from the mighty Morphestra! It's just that good!! Must download!


Sounds lovely, thanks for sharing! :tu:
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Thanks for sharing Synthmagic :)
Lovely sounds. Just released a little sound demo video

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How can you be so generous?

Where's the catch? I can't help it I'm suspicious by nature. Or is that "nurture?" Mwa ha ha

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Damn. I'm completely lit. On "G-Fuel" - good stuff.


I did some work on the DSS1phased samples. They're quite large, so I looped them to make them significantly smaller. Also converted them to 16-bit since there isn't much dynamic range in the samples. Also I noticed the samples were all about 10 cents flat, so I corrected that. Finally, I interpolated some new samples at every 1/2 octave so that each sample transposes no more than 3 semitones. The result is a patch that uses a lot less ram, has a more consistent speed to the phase shift throughout each octave, and sustains indefinitely.


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