Sell & Buy Forum Rules

Buy and sell, post special offers, group buys, etc. NOT product announcements.


The KVR Sell & Buy Forum allows KVR Members to buy and sell software and hardware from each other where permitted by the terms of the product developer's product license agreement. It is NOT intended for distribution of illegally obtained software or content. Although primarily intended for user-to-user second hand goods, developers may post special offers / cross-grades in here too. Retailers should use other commercial channels to promote their sales, including advertising.

Group buys can also be planned / discussed here.

NOTE: Accounts that have been registered for fewer than 14 days OR with fewer than 5 posts and registered for fewer than 6 months will not be able to post a new topic or reply.

The Main Rules

You may not sell/trade anything that you are not legally entitled to, whether due to license restrictions, not owning the original in the case of software (cracks, warez, etc.), or any other bizarre reason that would make it illegal to sell the item.

OEM / bundled licenses (e.g. a license bundled with hardware) are not usually allowed to be resold, so don't.

If selling software you must obtain permission to transfer the license from the developer before advertising it for sale, failure to do so will almost definitely be in breach of the license agreement. Sample Libraries / CDs and sample based instruments have notoriously restrictive license agreements so check before you try to sell.

NOTE: If you do not agree with a developer's license agreement, it is between you and the developer. If a license agreement states that you can't resell/transfer it then you can't sell it on KVR.

Private Seller VS Trader

If you are not a private seller but are in fact a trader of some kind (whether representing a shop, an online commerce site or and independent reseller) you must make this known. However, dealers, pseudo-dealers, or any other person who has access to multiple licenses may not sell them here. If you have multiple licenses of the same product to sell this is you.

To be clear, the Sell & Buy forum is really intended to be for user to user sales. Shops, resellers, etc. should use other channels to promote their sales, including advertising.

Links (Affiliate links / Referral Links and link shorteners are forbidden)

Affiliate links / Referral Links are not acceptable. Any links must be direct and must not contain any marketing or affiliate tracking or redirection.

Link Shorteners, such as,, etc., are not acceptable and may not be used in the Market Place forum. Links should always point directly to the target URL so the browser knows exactly where they are going before they click the link.


Multiple Topics
Do no post multiple topics in this forum. If you have several things to sell or trade (FS/FT) or want to buy (WTB) you must put them in a single topic or wait until one is sold / bought before starting another topic for a different item (to clarify: you may have no more than one active selling and one active want-to-buy topic at a time - prefix them with FS or WTB).

You may reply to your topic to answer a question that has been asked but you may not reply to your topic just to bump it (see below).

When a Sale / WTB has ended
When you have sold everything in your topic, or found whatever you were looking for please don't post a reply to say SOLD, FOUND, etc. If you edit your first post in the topic and edit the subject / title to be SOLD / FOUND / or whatever the appropriate term may be, it will inform anyone visiting the topic that the topic is finished but it won't bump the topic back up the topic list unnecessarily (which would push still active topics further down the list). You should also lock the topic.

If you are selling multiple items in a topic then you should update the topic title and first post to reflect any changes . You should NOT reply stating that one of the items has been sold as this would bump the topic unnecessarily.

You may "bump" your topic no more than once every 48 hours (i.e. replying just to move it up the topic list with a "bump").

Please note that the 48 hours is from the time of the last post in the topic by ANYONE.

You may not get others to bump your topics and you may not bump other members' topics for no good reason.

Do not reply to your topic just to say you've replied to someone's PM, or to say you've sold This Plugin, etc.

This is just good manners!

Locking Topics
You can lock your topic if you wish. You should lock your topic when it is no longer needed.

Trolling / Derailing / Being Helpful in other members' topics
Don't reply to another member's sales topic unless you are truly contributing to it. Don't reply just to be derisive, argumentative or abusive. If you have a genuine insight into the topic post, otherwise move along.


KVR takes no responsibility and can not be held liable for any sales / purchases made through this forum, you acknowledge that you do so at your own risk. However if you have any problems with a sale / purchase please let us know which member caused problems and we will take necessary action to ensure they are warned and / or banned (depending on the situation, obviously).

When you have sold the item offered for sale please amend the topic title and add the word SOLD. These threads will then be deleted.

NOTE: In an effort to keep the content of this forum relevant, any topic that is not replied to for 30 days will be deleted automatically.

General (non-legal) Advice:
  • NEVER give your credit card information to anyone.
  • Try to use a payment service such as PayPal.
  • Check your country's laws before you buy; if a "bargain" seems too good to be true, it probably is; and nobody makes so easy, so reliable a sucker as the greedy and uninformed.
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I've just added some server side code to prevent sub-48 hour bumping and multiple topics.


hello I can't bump... everyone makes it look so easy, some even writes it in red just to show off, It seems easy b u m p, but I fail every time, is there a trick to it? should I write it fast, slow?
every time I try it says "48 hour rule" like it nows I've never been able to bump, and just wanna rub it in....... :'(


You can't bump because it hasn't been 48 hours.
No longer a moderator.


@hanshans: Your last post was at Thu Feb 11, 2021 7:37 pm ... If you bothered to read the rules you would know that you have to wait until 7:38 tonight before you can Bump your thread. :|


haha sorry, been thinking it was Sunday all day.. did read the rules, but yeah sorry, was pretty sure there was something very obvious I didn't see. looking forward to bump later today then, and a nice Sunday tomorrow.


hanshans wrote: Sat Feb 13, 2021 10:15 am was pretty sure there was something very obvious I didn't see.
:lol: Looks like you've gained an extra day


hahaha yes, think I'm going all in tomorrow Sunday tea and everything.



I am not able to bump my topic even though it's more than 48 hours passed. (Say the last bump was two days ago at 4 pm. Now it's 5 pm and I keep getting the 48 hours rule message).

Can you please check it?



Did you set your timezone correctly in you forum/account preferences?


Yes everything is correct. In fact the problem goes away itself after a while but I was wondering what was causing this delay.


Where are the rules about how long a post stays in the forum before getting deleted?


I don't think there are any rules for that (correct me if I'm wrong).


melodyz wrote: Thu Apr 08, 2021 3:52 am Where are the rules about how long a post stays in the forum before getting deleted?
Seems to be roughly three weeks.


How do you edit the topic line? Sorry for stupid question, but I can't figure it out...

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