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Post Wed Sep 18, 2013 7:39 pm

On August 15, Psychic Modulation released Construct, a new drum machine VSTi that has many interesting features.

- 8 Drum Modules
- Multiple layers for each module: Transient, Oscillator and Ambiance
- High quality built-in sounds for the Transient and Ambiance layers
- Randomize/Initialize switches for each layer
- 3 LFOs per module
- Multiple Velocity options
- EQ/Compressor section for each Drum Module
- Drum Mixer for quick Volume, Pan and Send adjustments
- Mute/Solo for each drum channel
- Multiple Output routings per channel
- Dub Delay Unit for use with fx sends
- Alternate pitch ranges on each octave with universal Octave switch
- Universal Numerical Display for quick and accurate editing for most parameters
- Double Click Parameter Reset for all knobs
- 32 drum kit presets that can be accessed from the GUI panel

I finally gave it a test run and I like it a lot!
It has very good and unique sounds. Of course I have been a fan of Jack's very creative work for many years so why not check it out for yourself:


Some parts of some samples from my Prepared Rhodes are used in the transient layer.

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