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precisionsound wrote:
sfd wrote:
precisionsound wrote:We have a nice Nyckelharpa here that we are going to do a library with, in the future I hope. :-)
Add a mungiga when you're at it :-)
Our "Dan Moi – Vietnamese Jaw Harps" library is the library you should take a look at if you want "Mungiga"
"Dan Moi" is "Mungiga" in Vietnamese ;-)
http://store.precisionsound.net/shop/da ... jaw-harps/
Grejjar ni en lergök också ? :-D

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precisionsound wrote:"Dan Moi" is "Mungiga" in Vietnamese ;-)
http://store.precisionsound.net/shop/da ... jaw-harps/
Perfectly exact.
And it is not the same as the Chinese KouXian. It produces a slightly different spectrum in the bass frequencies and a strongly different spectrum in the high frequencies due to the materials (steels or types of woods and sometimes even organic animal materials) and to the shapes which are very different.

In fact the Nordic Mungiga is normally softer than the Vietnamese Dan Moi.

And the Chinese KouXian can cover a way larger spectrum than both (than the Mungiga and the Dan Moi), depending the different materials used for the three (or five) lamellas of the Chinese KouXian (each lamella of the KouXian can have each one a different material (different woods, different steels, and I have even seen some lamellas made of cartilages! Remember that the larynx of the vertebrates are made of that cartilage, and for life!), it is one of the reasons of the so reach colours of the Chinese Jaw's Harp compared to the others).
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Grejjar ni en lergök också ? :-D
;-) This one is for you;

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