Trouble with MIDI CC generator

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Post Sun May 27, 2018 7:17 am

So there are a lot of parameters within the various MUX modules that can not be controlled directly with modulation. In addition to the fact that third party plugins can't be controlled by modulation at all. I assumed the work around to this was to send modulation to a MIDI CC generator then send that event to the target module, and map the desired parameter to the corresponding CC channel. However, when I tried this it didn't work. Is it possible I'm just doing something wrong?

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Re: Trouble with MIDI CC generator

Post Sun May 27, 2018 10:13 am

Works fine here.

I use a Constant Modulator to manually set the required value or an LFO, send into the Midi Controller Generator, which is set to the relevant midi channel and CC#, which is sent into a VST (Waldorf Largo).

Check midi channel and maybe an external Midi CC enable in the VST?

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Re: Trouble with MIDI CC generator

Post Sun May 27, 2018 12:41 pm

A lot depends on exactly what you're trying to do -- AndreasD describes one approach that works in many cases. You may be after Parameter Event Generator, as well.

Just to check -- automation and modulation with MuTools are two different things.

You can automate VST and MUX parameters. You can record manual movements of VST and MUX parameters. You can have changes to one VST or MUX parameter route to another by using a Meta-Parameter bound to both. (For example -- I might have the rotary speed of a MUX effect and the Overdrive of a VST instrument mapped to Meta-Parameter 1, with appropriate ranges to suit; if I then adjust the VST Overdrive, the rotary speed will update, if I update the Meta-Parameter, both will update.

For recording purposes, manually adjusting a value on the MUX or VST user interface, or even the meta-parameter, will get recorded. The "recorder" comes logically before the input to the user-interface.

However... if you're generating parameter events ("modulation" at this point) inside a MUX (e.g. LFO -> Parameter Event Generator -> module parameter) then, even if you target a parameter that's linked to a meta-parameter, that meta-parameter no longer gets updated - because you're making the change logically "too late" in the chain. The modulation at this point will not be recorded as automation, either. Any internally generated change - either from a MUX module or from a VST - has missed the "recorder".

Finally, there's no "Parameter Event to Modulation" convertor -- this would be tricky with current MUX handling of parameters, as the Event output from the convertor module would connect to the Event input of target that was generating the parameters and a Modulation output of the convertor module would emit the modulation -- reversing the logical flow from the target module with respect to the parameter events.

Alternatively, what are treated as "Parameter Events" by MUX would need to be merged into "normal" the Event Output of the module. This would then allow routing "normally" (and capturing with an event recorder module).

(I will mention that Reaper somehow manages this - but it'd be a lot easier to use in MuLab if it were supported.)

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