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Reviewed By elviecho
July 14, 2020

When I was a beginner in making music I've tested many DAWs but most of them seemed to be very complicated at the first look. Not Mulab, it was the only DAW that let me start making music without looking into the documentation. The workflow is fantastic, the interface is stunning simple. So I made my choice for Mulab. I thought that until I would become a more advanced user and recognize limitations in comparison with other DAWs I could change to an other DAW. Years gone by and I've never changed because there are no limitations. Mulab is simply great, all you need is onboard and if not, create it in MUX! The installation is super easy and it hosts 99% of all VSTs without any problem. It is fast and sounds remarkable good. The only advantage I see for the competitors is the lack of tutorials about Mulab...but who needs tutorials if a software is so easy to use? :-).

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MUX Modular Plug-In
Reviewed By Lopyt Music
February 23, 2020

This is by far the best and easiest to use synth I ever have used. Not only can it handle very complex patches, but also, it is very easy to understand and create them even at a beginner level.

I recommend this synth to anyone who can afford it.

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MUX Modular Plug-In
Reviewed By Protocol_b
September 20, 2018

*Stellar*. The MIDI routing and management is rock solid and fully flexible. Some complex vsti GUI's do not open properly in other DAW's/environments, or my chain of devices may cause crashes or timing errors in them (many arpeggiators and step sequencers running simultaneously), but MUX never misses a beat. I can develop entire live performance pieces inside a MUX and then open it reliably in any DAW, and it is ready to go. One of my best investments. Thank you MU!!!!!.

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Reviewed By Ambient Mechanics
September 20, 2018

I've tried many DAWs over the years, but MuLab is by far my favorite and the only one I now use. I love the intuitive design of its UI, which means it doesn't get in the way of me being creative..and its powerful tools enables me to be just that.

The thing I really love most about it is its ability to record music like any other DAW, as well as giving you the option of taking a modular approach to creating music, with it's built-in tools and included sounds and presets. From a user's point of view, it's like owning two great DAWs seamlessly merged into one..and combining and/or switching between both interfaces (the standard DAW interface and the Modular interface) during a project is as simple as clicking a button. This makes it a great "first" DAW for people just starting out in music / beat production, as well as a really powerful tool for any seasoned Pro.

The detailed help documents found on the MuTools site covers every aspect of the program and does a really good job of explaining and walking you through the program's features. I found it to be a well-written guide, that serves to get you up and running with MuLab right from the very start. There's also really good, solid support offered through the official MuTools forum here on KVR, which clearly shows how fast help is given and issues addressed in general..

All DAWs do the same basic job..but the best DAW for YOU is the one that compliments / enhances YOUR workflow in general. MuLab seems to take this into account, perhaps more than any other DAW, with the options it gives you and the powerful creative set of tools it puts in your hands..but, unlike other DAWS out there, it doesn't leave you feeling "over-whelmed" by the whole experience..

In short, MuLab sounds great, looks fantastic and is a real joy to use..plus it's great value for money, which is always a good thing, too! Thanks MuTools, for creating this gem and keeping its development moving forward all the time. MuLab is my "go-to" DAW and I'm going to be using it for many years to come.

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Reviewed By Bady89
July 30, 2018

What a Beast.

I tested 20 DAW and decided to buy MuLab.

Why ?

- Best DAW Interface i found so far.

- Amazing Sound.

- Very Fast.

- Very Powerful.

- Much Fun.

- Fair Price.

First time i tryed mulab i created a small test Song just in an hour.

In that time i don't even find the Piano Roll in an overcomplicate FL Studio.

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Reviewed By Ramlee
November 7, 2017

In the world of free sequencer/DAW platforms, there are many contenders and just as many pretenders. MULAB stands out as a platform that delivers and then some. Exceptionally light on system resources and yet lacking nothing in terms of essential functionality, MULAB has become my new best friend; well....new best composition platform. Believe me when I say, "I tried them all..". LMMS looked promising but baffled me with its less than intuitive external keyboard routing which seemed to trigger all channels simultaneously; even after assigning separate MIDI channels to every track! Sequitur was equally alluring with its sexy interface and stripped down simplicity but again external keyboard frustration seemed built into the system. MULAB just worked straight away and the learning curve was refreshingly quick...everything made sense. Moreover, MULAB shipped with a bunch of synths and effects that weren't Casio rejects; no...there was real quality and depth to the instruments - the Hammond B3 was simply gorgeous. Suffice to say that if MULAB doesn't get your juices flowing then nothing in the GPL DAW menagerie will do it for you. The best free composition platform currently available and did I mention that it can be installed on a thumb drive so you can jack your studio into any available hardware...brilliant. (9 out of 10 only because I anticipate that it's just gonna get better)

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Reviewed By Protocol_b
November 7, 2017

Absolutely top notch - specifically for MIDI management. Route anything to anything. I've tried every live host on Mac out there that I can find - they ALL had issues. I am heavily into arpeggiators & step seq's. NORA and NUMEROLOGY both have complex GUI's involving tabs and resizeable pages. I did not find a single live host that could successfully present those to me until I tried MULAB (except MainStage - but MIDI routing virtually non-existent). Like they say, everything just works, no surprises except happy amazement. Completely intuituitive - you can go a long ways before you need to crack a manual. AND it comes with MIDI tools that are essential for complex routing, such as a MIDI monitor. With Ableton they won't even give you that until you buy the most expensive edition - they sell you a carpentry kit and then withhold the hammer. And speaking of step-seq's, the one in MULAB is a monster.

This dev has mad coding skills and deep insight on what is necessary, what should be simple, and how to make it rock solid. Making it available as a VST on MAC changes Everything - MULAB inside LIVE is better than sex. OK, well, better than coffee.

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MUX Modular Plug-In
Reviewed By DIGIFEX
March 11, 2016

The MUX is a VST synth with modular structure that's around for quite some time now but it seems as if it has gone under the radar so far and wasn't recognized much. So why do I give it such high marks though?
Well, apart from being a modular synth (which may sound offputting for some) MUX is quite easy to use and offers the option to assemble your own front panel for a synth with any parameters you like. So you don't have to dig into a jungle of parameters to create a sound. And if you need to go deeper - just open the (resizable) modular area and examine what's under the bonnet.

Since I don't want to bore you by listing the entire feature set of MUX (you may read about that in the manual and on the Mutools website) here are some highlights showing what's unique about it:

  • Standard Oscillator has terrific unison features; much more sophisticated than you would expect from most virtual anlogue classified, non-modular machines.
  • Multiform Oscillator features very complex, but easy to use wavetable synthesis (wavesequencing) and allows the use of sample grains; it's a combination of wavetables and granular synthesis you'll find nowhere else (if I'm wrong, please let me know). You can also analyze you own samples to create new waveforms of them or just draw a new waveform in the waveform window.
  • MUX can be used as an effect plugin (which is not new) but since other VST-plugins can be used inside the modular structure of MUX you can create even complex effect chains (serial or parralel or a combination of both) on one single track of your DAW. And by using the MUX filters you may turn any standard effect into a frequency multiband version. (Please note that this feature was recently introduced in version 3 of Presonus Studio One. And reviewers were raving about that feature. But with the MUX you can get this in any major DAW that supports VST.).
  • Terrific MIDI routing features: For example you can define different keys on your MIDI keyboard to trigger any sound patch (or sample) within a modular structure. You can then switch sounds easily by pressing the desired key. You may even set up keyswitching for different instrument articulations (for example legato, staccato or pizzicato playing) if your standard sampler doesn't support this. (I equipped my Miroslav Philharmonic sampling library with keyswitching and saved a lot of money I had to spent for MP version 2!).
  • You can use any installed VST plugin as a module in the MUX modular structure. Why is this that important? Here's an example: I use Imageline's additive Morphine synth and one of its shortcomings is the lack of standard filter in it's signal chain because it's sound engine is completely additive (except for some effects). But the MUX can cure this: I can couple it with one of the MUX filter modules and I get what I want. Stellar feature.
  • Easy editable front panel - you don't have to be an expert to make your own configuration. And: Any preset can have it's own individual front panel design - matched to the most important tweaking parameters.
  • New paradigm of preset management: Presets are not split between lots of different machines - Sound comes first, not different machines.

So - besides having great functionality - how does it sound? Well, any color you like I'd say: fat, lush, warm or cold digital; it's up to you in the end.

Is it expensive? Well, is 59 Euros too much for such a complete package making lots of other VST stuff obsolete? I know there are some folks out there calling it the bargain of the century.

Will it be supported in the future? The developer is in the business for years (if not decades) now and is one of the most responsive guys here at KVR I've come across so far. He always has an open ear for your problems and wishes and chances are good he will be doing so in the future - if some of us are going to spill some coins into his pockets from time to time.

Is there a demo version available? Yes there is - it's a fully functional version that will let you examine everything in full detail. The demo's just emitting a nag noise from time to time to remind you that MUX isn't freeware.
If you're interested in covering new ground in synth programmimg and/or are willing to learn something about sound synthesis you definitely should give the test drive a spin.

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