how do you choose which ones to test first?

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Post Tue Jul 13, 2021 10:48 am

me, i first test the ones that are easy to test.

a lot of the instruments are easy to test. most have presets that are ready to go.

same with the effects.

if i load an instrument into a track, it should just play the midi notes. if it doesn't play then it is not easy. configuration is needed.

i would rather leave the "not easy" ones to figure out later.

that way, somebody else might eventually figure out how to make it easier.

and if nobody figures it out, then yes, i read the manual, if there is one.

okay, so me i'm back to testing. ciao. :)
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Post Tue Jul 13, 2021 5:11 pm

It is difficult, I've been playing with ffmpeg and vlc redistributables lately and I'm in heaven, hard to take My eyes away from dos command manuals lol. But I will.
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Post Sat Jul 17, 2021 2:19 am

I guess the question is related to the challenge...
Its pretty easy: First only Mac, as I am on Mac.
Second I am interested in Synths, within those I test the unusual first and last the usual VA pack.
Third FX. I exclude anything which exists already in my arsenal. Compressors, Saturators, Filters. Anything that has potential to explore new sounds gets into the list.
And then there are kind of little Gems which just sound interesting...

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