How to make Ariesverb do true stereo?

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Post Tue Jul 20, 2010 5:06 pm

For example as a test if I'm using it as a send effect and an instrument sending to it is panned fully to one side, the the reverb should also only be heard only on that side from the return track.

I couldn't find yet any cross-feed parameter or something like that or stereo setting.

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Post Sun Jul 25, 2010 8:50 am

Hi Echoes!

What you want to do would be called "dual-mono".

True stereo would be the general case of a reverb that has a different response for L and R input. Think of it like this:
  • 1. Very old or simple reverb devices (summed reverb):

    (L+R) ---> reverb ---> stereo

    2. True stereo:

    L ---> reverb1 ---> stereo
    R ---> reverb2 ---> stereo

    3. Dual mono:

    L ---> reverb1 ---> L
    R ---> reverb2 ---> R
AriesVerb can be configured to any case of the above! But in the current version it can be non-trivial to set up, as there is no easy button or slider for it. Here is what to do:

A summed reverb (case 1) is done by pointing all input vectors along the center direction (either up or down). I think there is no factory preset that does this atm.

A true stereo reverb (case 2) is the general case and automatically happens when no special care is taken. I think that all reverb presets that come with AriesVerb are true stereo.

A dual mono reverb (case 3) is easiest done with 2 instances of Ariesverb, one assigned to L and R channel. It *can* be done within 1 instance with some input/output trickery to split up the delay lines equally among left and right channels. The downside with this approach is that each channel only gets a reverb with half the quality. An example of this case is the preset "Stereo Image Reverb" in the Synthetic Environments folder.

The stereo width of the reverb output is controlled in a similar fashion. If all output vectors point along the center axis (either up or down), then the output width would be zero (mono output). An example of this case is the preset "80's drums".

As you can see, AriesVerb is theoretically complete but needs more easy interfaces :) I already have plans for this though, so there is reason to look forward!

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