Multichannel plugins vs FLStudio 7.0

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I know it's a bit much of a request.
But I like to use your multichannel plugins (Multi2Two) to a full extent using FLS7

There is this sidechain plugin called Sidekick
This is the ONLY sidechain plugin ever done capable of creating real sidechain compression inside FLS7. It does create a virtual link to each plugin-instance , working completely host-independent!
I don't know how they did it, but they did.

Maybe it is possible to get your plugins work just in any host completely independent of their own capability.

On the other side: FLS7 is able to output multichannel fx, choose midi in and out port, route midi host-internally for any VSTi.
Maybe you can help me figure a way to get the plugin working even though it's incompatible?
Maybe the plugins would somehow work if loaded as VSTi instead of an insert effect in FLS7?
If you render the Multi2Two as a VSTi I would try!
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Sorry for this very late answer...

I am not a FLStudio user, and each time that people has intended to use some of my plugins in it has became rather impossible, since FL7 doesn't seem to have real multichannel busses.
Iserting a multichannel FX on a track is very different from sending multichannel outputs of a VSTi through several busses.

Perhaps that somebody knows some trick, but not me, sorry...

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