KVR MIX CHALLENGE - MC14 September 2015 - Winners announced

How to do this, that and the other. Share, learn, teach. How did X do that? How can I sound like Y?


Hi everyone!

Here is my attempt for MC14. Nice track to work with. I listened to the recommended Eagles songs quite a bit. I however went with a little more modern sound.

https://soundcloud.com/slick3gz/all-i-c ... 4-slick3gz

https://www.dropbox.com/s/9ksgn7a00h90i ... z.mp3?dl=0

https://www.dropbox.com/s/48gl24q9lr3ne ... z.wav?dl=0

Track info:

Drum Hi-hats: Logic EQ

Kick Drum : TDR VOS SlickEQ American

Overheads: Logic DeEss, TDR VOS SlickEQ, Logic Spread

Supplement: Logic EQ, +29 pan right


Snare Bottom: Reverb send

Snare Top: Logic Compressor Studio VCA, Logic EQ, Reverb send

Tom 1: TDR VOS SlickEQ, -11 pan left

Tom 2: TDR VOS SlickEQ

Tom 3: TDR VOS SlickEQ, +12 pan right


Acoustic Guitar 1: -40 pan left

Acoustic Guitar 2: +40 pan right


Bass: Rough Rider Compressor, TDR VOS SlickEQ

Fill Guitar 1: TDR VOS SlickEQ

Fill Guitar 2: TDR VOS SlickEQ


Guitar Solo 1: Logic EQ

Guitar Solo 2: Logic EQ

Guitar Solo 3: Logic EQ

Guitar Solo 4: Logic EQ


Guitar Solo Background 1:

Guitar Solo Background 2:


Tail Acoustic 1:

Tail Acoustic 2:

Tail Acoustic 3:

Tail Harmonic:







Vocal Double: TDR VOS SlickEQ

Lead Vocal:


Drum Bus: Klanghelm MJUC, TDR VOS SlickEQ, send to Aux 7, send to Aux 8

Acoustic Bus: TDR VOS SlickEQ, send to Aux 7, Aux 8

Electric Bus: TDR VOS SlickEQ, Softube Saturation Knob, Klanghelm DC1A2, Logic Rotor, send to Aux 7, send to Aux 8

Guitar Solo Bus: DeEss, TDR VOS SlickEQ, Klanghelm DC1A2, Softube Saturation Knob, ScannerVibrato, send to Aux 7, send to Aux 8

Guitar Solo Background Bus: Klanghelm MJUC, TDR VOS SlickEQ, Softube Saturation Knob, send to Aux 7, send to Aux 8

BGV Bus: Klanghelm MJUC, TDR VOS SlickEQ, Spread, send to Aux 7, send to Aux 8

Lead Vocal Bus: DeEss, Logic EQ, Klanghelm MJUC, Logic Single EQ, Logic Compressor (Studio VCA), DeEss, send to Aux 9, send to Aux 8

Aux 7: Magnus @ SmartElectronix Ambience, TDR VOS SlickEQ

Aux 8: Space Designer (4.4s Big Plate), TDR VOS SlickEQ

Aux 9: Space Designer (1.8s Ambience), TDR VOS SlickEQ

Stereo Bus: Klanghelm MJUC, TDR VOS SlickEQ

Hope that's enough info. If not let me know. I wish everyone lots of luck.


Finally I've got to the point where I can consider my mix finished. Certainly it is not old vintage sound, but I feel the song this way. Too many plugins was used, so I decided to provide a screenshot of entire mixer and additionally all tracks used in this project.



Here is my version of the mix:



Here's my version,


I discovered that I used links that were only available to me through google drive. I fixed that so now the files can be viewed by anyone.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9zHh7 ... t1LUE/view

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9zHh7 ... view?pli=1

I took a lot longer finishing up the mix than expected today, so i don't have time to detail what I did.
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Links to me MC14 mix below. Very nice song!

WAV: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/896 ... ennedy.wav
MP3: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/896 ... ennedy.mp3

Done in Cakewalk Platinum with mostly ProChannel plug-ins. ProChannel EQ, Tape Emulation, and Console Emulator on all tracks and buses. Stacked ProChannel 1176 and LA2A compression on the lead vocal. Plate reverb on the vocals and gentle hall reverb on all tracks. MAutoDynamicEQ on the Bass with additional 1176 compression. Renaissance AXX compression on electric guitars.


My entry was an attempt at the dry drum 70s sound. It really didn't fit, but by the time I realized, I was already too far down this particular path.

http://www.erictracks.com/wp-content/up ... f-MC14.mp3

http://www.erictracks.com/wp-content/up ... f-MC14.wav

Drums had several snare busses, to get the super dry gated snare and reverb snares separated. Reverb was an EMT impulse response I found somewhere. Used VMR Eqs.

Nothing special to the bass, just corrected the timing, and added a touch of distortion to make it audible in the busier parts of the track.

The acoustic guitars were high and low cut, then fed through the MJUC. I played around with panning, so it gets wider in the choruses. I also spent a lot of time correcting the acoustic's timing.

I tried to fit the electric fills behind, or on the side of, the vocals. The electrics I left alone for the most part.

Lead vocal went through VMR EQ and 1176, I tried to distort the edges, especially in the last chorus/outro. Compressed the BGVs, and pretty much left them in the middle.

I also added a slight slapback to the bridge vocal section. I really liked the vocals overall, so I didn't want to touch them with pitch correction, but I did commit a bit of correction to the big 'fallll'.

I'm afraid it all came out much more lo fi than I intended, thanks to my ham fisted attempts with the drum mix (among other things). I really enjoyed this tune, and didn't mind having it stuck in my head the last few days.


Lots of new faces, and some old cats in here as well. Thanks for your participation. :tu:

Here is my entry:
KVR MC14 - All I can think of... (Studio Compyfox), WAV, 44/24, ca 70,49MB
KVR MC14 - All I can think of... (Studio Compyfox), MP3, 320kbit VBR, ca 8,1MB (web player can cause hickups, don't know why, sorry)

Screenshots (warning, ca 300kb each, 1680x1050, jpg):
KVR MC14 Arranger View (set marker, purposely not all tracks clean cut)
KVR MC14 Vocals
KVR MC14 Drums
KVR MC14 Bass and Acoustic Guitars
KVR MC14 E-Guitars

A couple of corner stones:
I initially aimed to get a 70ies sound. But as usual, this turned into something completely different in the end. It is now a "hybrid" of 70ies limitations and a late 80ies sound. I did not(!) use micro pitch correction, neither did I completely clean-cut the production. I wanted to have a "tape machine" feeling. Sadly no time to record automation (time management is a crazy thing // the MC as a whole eats up a lot of that for me, which in turn results in last-minute mixes and me also barely posting somewhere else).

Panning wise, I really limited myself to the following settings: -60/-45/-30/-15/0/+15/+30/+45/+60

Nothing in between. I mostly only used Full L/R or +/-60 for room mics and AUX FX, else I tried to stay within 45 degrees off center in terms of panning. This is reminiscent of old consoled with limited panning capabilities (think UA 610 console or EMI TG12345). Using a tube console emulation adds to the mixing concept and core sound/feeling.

I limited myself on purpose! Wanted to see how far I can push a mix with equipment from pre 1975 (except for a dynamic EQ as better de-esser, digital delay as "pre-delay" module and a denoiser setup).

For example - four AUX channels only:
- two chamber reverbs (one bright/digital one, one IR)
- one Plate Reverb (on the lines of EMT 140)
- one Mono Tape delay (the infamous WatKat)

Usually I have 6-10 AUX channels prepared (depending on the job). Among them a chorus (e.g. for Bass) - but not this time.

Console and Tape Emulation: Slate Digital VCC RC-Tube v1 (Channel) and v2 (summing bus), Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machine (Studer A80, 15ips, 456 tape, normal bias - group channels only)
Filters: Pultec (Nomad Factory), Neve 1081 (Nomad Factory), Altec 9063B (Nomad Factory, tape compensation), MBandPass (MeldaProduction)
Compressor: 1176 (Slate Digital), MJUC (Klanghelm)
Gate: E-Gate (Nomad Factory)
Bandwidth limitation EQ's on AUX: SlickEQ GE (Tokyo Dawn Labs), MBandPass (Melda Production)
Special FX: bx_control, ADT (VacuumSound), Cubase MonoDelay (to simulate a pre-delay), MDynamicEQ (Melda Production, De-Esser), ReaFIR (Cockos, Denoising), AirEQ (EIOSIS, fine notch EQ's on two channels)

As usual, my summing bus only has a VU and one instance of Slate Digital's VCC
No summing bus compression, no limiting. RMS values around -20dB to -18dB (-2VU to 0VU) on average.

Work time: roughly 13 hours

I already also noted down some mix flaws and what I want to change in a revision. The "sweep EQ" effect in one part of the song in the main vocals is sadly a side effect of denoising. Denoising was a separate process, handled in Wavelab.

EDIT 28-09-2015:
Finally added screenshots of my project. Sorry for the wait.

Please enjoy. And good luck to all participants.
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That's it - the first Mix Round of the KVR Mix Challenge has officially ended.

We have 14 mix entries, thanks for your participation.

If you haven't done that yet, please update your posts with all necessary information you want to share. And please also double-check your links.

Until the results are in, maybe please also spread the word of the Mix Challenge (either via Social Media or other web-boards). We're always in need for new content to mix. Only this way, the challenge can live on.
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Aaaaaa... I miss it again.. :(


Aditya: There is always the next month. :tu:

A short update:
I'm in touch with the song provider. The evaluation is almost done.
Please watch this spot the next couple of days.
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Hello, everyone! I provided the tracks for MC14 and please let me say thank you to all who participated! I also much appreciate the kind words about the song that some of you offered. Thank you for that! I am usually only on KVR to read and to learn but when this opportunity came along I had to jump at it! So here are my thoughts on round 1.

Hi, Fender19!

I think the snare boom is not right. I'm not sure if it's the reverb used or just the volume of it. It kind of gives the snare an unnatural sound

that doesn't seem to fit or blend well. The decay is a bit long as well.

The background vocals are a lot quieter than I like and also sound a bit lopsided. I can hear them on the right but the left seem buried. I'd

really like them to be almost as dominant as the lead vocal. They are very much a part of the song.

On the second chorus did you add a vocal that follows one of the fill guitars? It may just be an audio mirage but it sounds like a vocal to me.

I don't care for the harmony vocal on the last line of the bridge but I like that you had the idea!

Maybe hi-pass the acoustic guitars a bit more and they could come down a tad during the solo to allow the electrics to stand out a bit more.

The solo guitars (at the beginning of the solo) are not balanced as well as I'd like.

I keep hearing a vocal part during the chorus that follows the fill guitar and I know I didn't do that. Could just be an audio mirage but...


Hi, Photonic!

The snare verb on the boom is not sounding right to me but it's getting there. Maybe a bit more low end?

But I really like the overall drum sound you have here!

I'd like to hear the bass guitar a bit more defined. It seems the lower notes kind of disappear in the mix.

Background vocals should come up just a touch more.

Maybe high-pass the acoustic guitars a bit more.

Solo guitars aren't very balanced. Some of the feedback gets in the way of the other guitars. You could let the notes play and then automate the feedback down to make way for the next guitar.


Hi, Davias!

I'm not liking the sound of the snare. It doesn't fit the song.

I'm not hearing any boom reverb.

The whole mix, as well as the individual tracks seems to be way over-compressed, almost to the point where the tracks are just jumbled together.

The first solo guitar is there but the others are completely buried in the mix.

Background vocals are very low as well. I'd like to hear them MUCH louder.

The acoustic guitars sound too clicky, if you get my meaning. Too much pick attack. Are they high-passed? If so, maybe back it off a bit?

The tail acoustic guitars are too low.


Hi, G_Liou!

The first thing I noticed about your mix is that there is a LOT of reverb. Try backing it off some on everything but the background vocals. Then adjust those.

I like the way the bass guitar sounds!

Drums sound pretty good but maybe need to come up a bit along with the bass guitar.

Other than the reverb, background vocals and lead vocals sound great!

Cleaning up the amount of reverb just may put everything else right where it needs to be.


Hi, Kolyev!

I'm not hearing the snare boom like I want.

I'd like to hear more drums overall but...

Ride cymbal seems a bit loud.

I'd like to hear more volume on the bass guitar. Not much, just a bit.

Background vocals need to come up. They are really buried.

Again, the first solo guitar is there but the others are lost.

The tail acoustic guitars are too quiet.


Hi, PolygonSheep!

I'm not hearing that snare boom again.

I think the reverb on the fill guitars is pushing them a bit too far back in the mix.

I'd like to hear the background vocals a bunch more. Specifically, I can hear the higher notes okay but the lower notes are a bit buried.

Seems like a lot of reverb on the solo guitars.

The tail acoustic guitars were non-existent.


Hi, davemcisaac!

The snare boom isn't what I'm looking for. Maybe a different verb with some low end in it.

The toms seem a bit over compressed to me.

I thought the solo guitars could have been louder. You got the idea of what I was trying to do, they just need to be louder.

Love what you did with the tail acoustic guitars! Sounded GREAT!


Hi, VasDim!

I'm not liking the snare boom nor the snare sound. A little more dampened maybe without so much ring.

The fill guitars are a bit loud during the verses.

Solo guitars sounded great! You really got what I was trying to accomplish!

Am I hearing that audio mirage again with the vocal following the fill guitar in the chorus?

I'd like to hear the tail acoustic guitars a bit louder.


Hi, Slick3gz!

I'm not sold on the effects on the fill guitar but lets roll with it. It's different. Maybe just a tad quieter?

I do like the sound of the snare and the snare boom.

In fact, I like the overall drum sound.

I'd like to hear the background vocals a bit louder.

I like the solo guitars right up until the end when they start to get buried in the reverb.

I like the idea of what you did to the vocal on the last line of the bridge. Maybe make it a bit softer, a little more subtle, but just a little.

Again, the tail acoustics are pretty much not there.

And try no effects on the electric guitar during the tail acoustic section.


Hi, Maxfell!

I like the snare boom and the sound of the snare! Maybe just a tiny bit softer?

I'm liking the overall drum sound a lot!

Bass guitar sounds good, as well but maybe a bit boomy or just too loud?

The effect on the fill guitar is a little distracting. Maybe back the effect off a bit. Try removing it altogether for the tail acoustic part.

Background vocals are a little too far back in the mix.

Solo guitars need to come up.

Hi, Indekka!

I'm liking the snare boom.

Compared to everything else, the drums seem way louder.

Acoustic guitars seem very thin.

Background vocals need to be brought up.

Solo background guitars seem a bit loud. Maybe back them off a few db.

Solo guitars seem awfully dry but actually don't sound bad.

Lead vocal should come up some as well.

Some of this may be fixed just by bringing the drums down.


Hi, Jim Kennedy!

Snare boom seems really dry (he said dryly :) ).

Drums sound really good.

Acoustic guitars sound good!

Maybe soften the first bass guitar note (maybe all) when the tail acoustic guitars come in. It kind of jumped out at me.


Hi, Erictracks!

I'm not hearing much bottom end in the mix at all. The drums seem to be very bright and the snare is REALLY loud and is missing the boom.

The bass guitar is way too quiet.

The vocals, both lead and background are very brittle sounding.

Conversely, the solo guitars are muddy and way out of balance.

I do like the idea of the effect on the vocal during the bridge!

No background vocals coming out of the bridge?

Fill guitar during the tail acoustic section should be brought down a bit.


Hi, Compyfox!

I'm not digging the snare boom. Seems a little top end heavy.

Fill guitar seems a bit loud during the verses and chorus.

I like the background vocals! Nice and clear! Maybe just a tad more on the "oohs"???

Bass guitar sounds good! How'd you do that?????

Maybe some automation on the feedback at the beginning of the solo?

Fill guitar on the tail acoustic section should come down a tad, a little softer to blend with the acoustic guitars more.


My top 5 favorite mixes in no particular order:




Jim Kennedy


Thank you again to all who participated! I'm looking forward to round 2!


Thank your for evaluating all the mixes, StClair - and a bit thank you for providing this mix for the challenge.

With that being said, the following five participants go into Round 2:
  • Photonic
  • G_Liou
  • Slick3gz
  • Jim Kennedy
  • Compyfox

The new deadline for Round 2 is Sunday, 04-10-2015 11:59pm PDT
Thanks for your participation and good luck.

In the meantime, a question to all participants:
To make it more fair for everyone - what time zone do you prefer for the end of the submission period? European Time (GMT+1) or Pacific Standard Time (PDT/PST)?
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Compyfox wrote:
In the meantime, a question to all participants:
To make it more fair for everyone - what time zone do you prefer for the end of the submission period? European Time (GMT+1) or Pacific Standard Time (PDT/PST)?
Pacific Standard Time (PDT/PST)


I think it is best not to change the timezone at this point. People are used to Pacific time.


jhkennedy5 wrote:I think it is best not to change the timezone at this point. People are used to Pacific time.
That's a good point :tu:


Thank you StClair, for putting me to the top 5 :hug:

I tried to follow all your comments. I gave the snare reverb more bottom, I boosted the bass in the low frequencies, I reduced the feedback in the solos and I made the backing vox more audible and clear.

MP3: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/717 ... otonic.mp3
WAV: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/717 ... otonic.wav

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