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Early Access
Since essential parts of the program are still in development and may change the only edition being offered here at the moment is Early Access, which is a great way to support us.
Essentially this is our humble way of firing up the Resonic Pro project.
Early Access licenses unlock Resonic Pro and entitle individual users to free updates up to and including the major 1.0 release.
Also included are Beta versions, which can co-exist with non-Beta versions on the same system, technical support, and notifications about new releases.
The idea behind Early Access is to give early adopters access to what's ready right now — features, builds, documentation — without further delaying the public release.
Pricing will change after 1.0, but we'll think of a way to reward our early adopters, as they actively help to get this thing going.
By getting one of these licenses you help us finance further development, which is critical at this point.
And if you're up for it you always have a chance to help shape work-in-progress features with your feedback.

Please feel free to discuss this here.
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