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Liqube Audio

While Liqube alone is an electronic music producer, Liqube Audio is a small team of coders and designers dedicated to bringing quality audio software to the masses.

Our top priorities are usability and innovation.

We're best known for Resonic Player, the fast audio player and sample browser, and Resonic Pro, an audio asset manager for audio professionals and enthusiasts.

Being closely involved with the community and always open for brainstorming and feedback is how we work best, and we're sure that's appreciated by our users. Their contributions are always seen, collected, and often revisited and discussed.

We also made the free tools DTC and PluGView, as well as various other software in the past.

We've worked with companies, artists, and individuals for years and are always happy to welcome new opportunities.

Our developer forum is available here on KVR. Feel free to talk with us any time.

Products by Liqube Audio

Latest reviews of Liqube Audio products

Resonic Player
Reviewed By Lori Ilona
September 4th, 2018

Exactly what I was looking for! Extremely fast audio/sample preview, by arrow key you can skip forward or backward in a file you.re listening to, or put your cursor where you want to listen from there. The directory you are browsing, as well as it's sub folders, are going green, so you know exactly where you are. Sample folders play samples one after the other in quick succession until you press stop. Would be nice if I could stop it with the spacebar. Well there might be more, I hae just installed it and am delighted! Thank you for this extremely usefull app.

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Resonic Player
Reviewed By ThunderclapEDM
December 23rd, 2015

Wow. This is amazingly fast; fast to boot, fast to play, fast to recognise audio files, etc. It has a volume meter, image of the track playing and - one of my favourite features - when using the mouse to skip through it shows the time in the song that you are skipping to. Going to use this regularly from now on :)

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