MenuMagic v2 - why does my installer still say beta???

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Post Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:29 pm

Note: If you are upgrading your MenuMagic - your personal download link the install set for v2 is still named mm_v2beta_setup.exe
this was done so as to not break your links.

Apologies - I should explained this in the newsletter announcement.
If you have just purchased MenuMagic your installation link will download:


If you are asking Why does Sonar need a plug-in manager tool? or doesn't freebie XYZ do the same thing? then you should check out MenuMagic's currently implemented features

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Buy now and you will receive BOTH the versions of MenuMagic.
V2 - supports Cakewalk for BandLab and Sonar (from last release back to v6.02)
V1 - supports older versions of Cakewalk DAWs that use the VST Adapter like Project 5 v2, Sonar5, etc.

More info on MenuMagic is available on our KVRaudio forum

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ImageCakewalk/Sonar Plugin Management Tools

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