MenuMagic v2.1 (for CbB/Sonar) has been released

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Post Sun May 06, 2018 6:52 pm

MenuMagic v2.1 (for CbB/Sonar) has been released.

This is a maintenance/bug fix release. Not critical but recommended.
Major changes:
  • Fixed bug that caused Help system to display the wrong section of information.
    Internal help/documentation system that was broken last release is working again.
  • Updated Help information
    Some items missed in initial release, updated obsolete screen shots, etc.
  • Updated program screens
    Fixed various labels and tips that referred to "Sonar" instead of "Cakewalk" when working with CbB.
  • Updated and posted the PDF version of the documentation.
    It's 85 pages (over 6.5MB) with lots of screen shots.
    Download MenuMagic v2 Manual
    Depending on your browser you may have to right click on link and select 'Save link
  • In the IconTray app fixed "Launch MenuMagic" issue where it would ask you twice to confirm that you wanted to launch it.
  • Reduced size of install set by around 40%
This is a free update for registered MenuMagic users.
Use your personal download link to get your copy.
Note: If you use the v2 beta link you will get the v2.1 release. The downloaded exe name will be mm_v2beta_setup.exe but it is the new release. Updating the download system is on the todo list.
Drop me an email if you have issues getting it.

Best regards
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