MenuMagic v2.1.1.0 update available (VST3 bugfix)

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Post Mon May 28, 2018 10:31 pm

MenuMagic v2.1.1.0 update available
Just posted a new update.

This update addresses an odd VST3 oriented bug in MenuMagic.

Fixes an issue where when running Cakewalk's VST scanner you could loose your VST3 plugin Categorizations (menu mappings) for any VST3 plugin that didn't have a VST2 counterpart which was also scanned.

So for example if you have Waves plugins but only have the VST3 versions installed or being scanned; you could lose your Categorizations for those plugins when you ran the VST Scanner. If you had both the VST2 and VST3 plugins installed you wouldn't have an issue.

Finally was able to duplicate the problem last night and fixed it this morning.
This is the ONLY change since the last (v2.1.0.0) release.
I hadn't planned on issuing a release right now but this is a significant enough issue to warrant it.

This is a free update to MMv2 users. Just use your personal download link.

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