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Postby Jace-BeOS; Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:07 am Re: FL Studio 20 now available

BertKoor wrote:
Jace-BeOS wrote:
sjm wrote:I for one am happy that I no longer need to write my documents in WordPerfect. Sure, if that's your thing, go for it. The rest of us are probably happy that WYSIWYG is now a thing.

What was the last version of WordPerfect you used? It was WYSIWYG in all versions I used.
Probably 5.1, the last stable MS-DOS version. It started being WYSIWYG at version 6, but the whole world chose MS-Word over WordPerfect (for Windows) by then. The transfers to Novell an Corel did not really help.

The whole world moved to MS Word... except me, I guess. I started on WordPerfect at version 7 and stuck with it (maybe version 8 later) until I couldn't run it anymore. I never use MS Word if I can avoid it.

I moved to GoBe Productive on BeOS (excellent; like a page layout program when you want it to be, but now long gone), and then to Pages on Mac OS (and I've stayed with the excellent 2009 version, which was superior to the junky iOS port that replaced it and is super-slowly catching up to it in features).

The only time I was without WYSIWYG word processing was when I used the word processor included with Tandy Deskmate, back in, what, 1987? :-D
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