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Post Wed May 23, 2018 10:24 am

djshire wrote:I accidentally forgot to cancel my subscription to, and so I had a month of downloads available. Seemed cool, but then I got an error message "We noticed you've downloaded a lot of loops and samples recently and have put a temporary hold on your account. Please contact us". So I emailed them and they unlocked my account, but it once happened twice in a day and I gave up on it.

So, after all this time, how's this website looking? Because this looks like a far better alternative to
It is. If you need samples to crank up new tracks daily, Noiiz is very useful. It'll take you a lot of time to explore all their content, and they keep adding new packs every week.

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Re: Noiiz, the first online sample platform with unlimited downloads

Post Thu May 24, 2018 5:22 pm

I agree. A ton of sample packs that can be downloaded to keep forever or use the Noiiz plugin inside a DAW to get access to all the samples directly from the site. Also, they are adding new instruments with a player.

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Re: Noiiz, the first online sample platform with unlimited downloads

Post Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:18 am

Noiiz is probably the best money I now spend all year. I've all but stopped buying other stuff. It's really all there.

If I want to search for a certain drum sound or beat, it is very easy to do so, and then, bam, it's in my project, at my BPM, ready to go.

Ditto vox or other instrument sounds. The sample track feature in my Cubase DAW is getting quite a workout. Plus there's loads of patch sets for Massive, FM8 and a bunch of others. And now, they've even released a series of honest-to-goodness instruments. Great stuff.

I thought they'd last a year and then fade into oblivion. But the good folks at Noiiz keep developing and innovating. I can't think of a competitor that even comes close.

So many plugins, so little time...

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