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Post Fri Oct 11, 2019 11:00 pm

looks like some audio damage stuff might be coming to linux too:

Image ... 7394333696

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Re: Commercial linux audio softwares

Post Sat Oct 19, 2019 1:27 am

Reason 11 Intro Rack plugin in Linux? You bet!!!

So in windoze Reaper and wine-staging 2.17,
I've got a bunch these Reason instruments and effects
running. In the vsti 3 rack, as I type, there is:
Europa synth
Thor synth
Subtractor synth
NN-XT sampler with grand piano
Dr Octo-Rex playing some jaunty rex loop beats
RPG-8 arpeggiator (just idling because I'm tired,
and dumb as a bag of hammers... :( )

and in the vst 3 effects rack,

CF-101 Chorus-Flanger
RV7000 Mk II reverb

It's not perfect, as scrolling the rack is not very fluid
(which could just be a local trouble)
and I'm still Sergeant Schulz in the Strudel shop,
but most of it is working, tons of synth presets,
parameter control, and flipping to the backside for Reason's
iconic cable connecting, seems fine, and it's here now as a vsti/vst.
Browsing for your own samples/loops etc may be iffy,
but theres 3 gig of content included, so few worries at this price.
And wine/reaper keep getting better. :help:

At $99 retail (I had a 15 % off coupon, so paid $85)
I took a runner, hoping it would work in linux sometime
in the next few years...little did I know it's already run a green light.

I made an account at, registered
the serial and authorization numbers received from the shop,
and am running in 'internet activation mode',
rather than being locked to a single computer,
(which might not work, anyway, as some utility might be needed.)
So the internet connection is in play. When launching the plugin,
it prompts for a password, and then it's off to the playground.

I admit to the included Europa Synth pushing me over the $edge$,
as I was low on cash when it was released at a discount price.
It sounded great, and worked in my wine setup, but not my wallet.
But the Reason 11 Intro is both packed and priced to tempt purchases,
and lead to upgrades. Over 20 effects and instruments, with
around 6 or 7 utilities, so around 4 bucks each at the $99 retail.
Probably a ton of youtubes for the older Thor, Subtractor, NN-XT etc,
and the Reason way of producing. etc etc ... o-download

I'm using an i7 2600, four 3.4 ghz cores, reaper configured for
7 of 8 threads towards plugins, and an oldish nvidia video card,
qjackctl shows 20-44 % cpu depending on how fast/how many keys are struck.

Am I delighted? :hyper: :party: :D :hihi: (and lucky also to be
a decent chef with rice and beans and tea, which I'll be eating
a lot of, and of which I'm now going to feast upon :wink:
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Re: Commercial linux audio softwares

Post Sat Oct 19, 2019 2:55 am

Is the Reason standalone working as well? I'm finding the lack of real-time sampling to be a bit of a pain in the plugin.

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Re: Commercial linux audio softwares

Post Sat Oct 19, 2019 8:53 am

Hi, I had no luck with the standalone. In the wine terminal output,
I see these items below as missing (the ones with a # have been problematic
in other over-ride quests, they seem pretty deeply entwined in the
msoft bowl of pasta code.)


I suspect the #'s will be a no-go until some freakishly cool game
requires them, and get's the wine team into some serious digging.
They're making great progress, as it is.
Jack Winter, and osxmidi might know things along those lines,
they post pretty often at


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Re: Commercial linux audio softwares

Post Mon Oct 21, 2019 10:47 am

glokraw wrote:
Fri Oct 11, 2019 6:30 pm
AudioAssault, a busy plugin designer are adding linux vst versions,
starting with a nice reverb. I use their GrindMachine ampSims
to make the cat dance like J-Lo (well, after it lets go of
the ceiling :hyper: )
Great to see new products coming

Looks like a $5 intro price, $35 later

Nice!! I've got their drum apps for Windows. I hope they port them over to Linux!! :tu: :D
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Re: Commercial linux audio softwares

Post Tue Nov 05, 2019 10:26 pm

There is a current IK Multimedia promotion,

edit: if you buy an irigkeysio49 midi controller at $299,
they throw in Sampletank 4 Max, and it already comes with
SampleTank 3, a Miroslav Philharmonik 2, a T-Racks Deluxe
of some vintage, some iOS versions of the above,
and the ubiquitous if not obligatory Ableton Live Lite V.10

I installed the Miroslav standalone and plugin in my oldish
Mint 18, with recent wine-staging 4.19, and latest win reaper,
and it's working fine after a brief test.

It's much like a zynaddsubfx/yoshimi, except playing
quality orchestral samples, instead of synth sounds.
It is 16 part multi-timbral, and has articulations on some of
the main instruments, the lowest keys are mapped to switch
among the articulations with a keypress, worked fine on the
cellos, trumpet and flute. It also has the IK multi-effects,
so a lot of sound control is at hand. I really like having
a good harp, marimba, piano, and classical guitar at the ready,
among so many others, the standalone .exe is also sounding great with linux effects rakarrack/calf etc

I installed the latest Ampltube 4 while in the neighborhood,
also working well. Each came with a Custom Shop for testing
and buying gear at the IK store, and simple serial # copy/paste
to register in the IK Authorization manager.
The soundset for ST4 Max is over 200 gig, and it will probably work as well, but I'm out of disk space :x I did have an earlier
ST4 SE version installed and running,
but it was old, and needed some IK code enhancements :hihi:

The new ST4 V 4.08 seems well behaved for most customers,
some of whom took to the warpath over a buggy initial
release of V 4. The SampleTank 3 sounds are part of the
SampleTank 4 downloads, and integrated in the preset/tagging browser. As are Syntronik sounds, if you own that, or have the
free version.

There are many youtubes of IK products, It's all a very cozy environ to layer some tracks, wrap them with fx, and get them ready
for the boombox. Or the tea room, for the harp & viola crowd.

There is a huge amount of supporting content, and the license fine print makes it clear that IK want it to be owned by one user,
and not divied up later. The actual midi controller is set up for
pads and knobs etc to interact with the ST4 software, and includes
a nice hi-res audio interface for mic/guitar work. The deal has been
extended from Oct 31st, to the end of November, in case
Santa has plenty of disk space :wink: :hyper:

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Re: Commercial linux audio softwares

Post Thu Nov 07, 2019 3:47 pm

Hopefully now that Apple has crapped on everyone with Catalina it'll open the door for more Linux VSTs and DAWs ... and Audio interfaces that are USB class complaint and driver free and open .....

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Re: Commercial linux audio softwares

Post Tue Nov 12, 2019 2:05 pm

Pretty shocking when almost every major plugin dev website leads with
some cautionary blurb about eating the spoiled fruit. Glennbo at the reaper
linux forum just purchased a nice pi kit, which he'll be reviewing
once assembled and linuxified. More hardware, more ARM, more linux,
good times coming...
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Re: Commercial linux audio softwares

Post Tue Nov 12, 2019 2:14 pm

The latest SynthMaster 2.9x and SynthMaster One 1.34
are working in linux/wine-staging(with some over-rides)/reaper

Each synth has a midi out, and they make handy drummers.
Attached is a 1 min loop, an arp preset from each synth
playing MT Power drumkit and/or HG Fortunes Drumburst
( :dog: forgetful ) Drumburst also has a handy midi out.

Soundsets for the synths are on sale for $4 for awhile,
with some great sound designers on board like BigTone.
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