Multiple trackbanks (one for each controller) OR one trackbank (controlled by multiple controllers)?

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Post Sun Jan 19, 2020 8:15 am


can i have multiple trackbanks controlled by multiple controllers OR should i make one large trackbank and have multiple controllers control parts of it?

my setup is (os x + bitwig 3.1.2):
+ two nanokontrol2 (controlled by a custom script i wrote)
+ launchpad mini mk3 (driven by Jürgen Moßgraber extension)
+ qunexus

the nanokontrol2s support 8 tracks each. if i have a trackbank with 16 tracks and control 8 with each nanokontrol2 that could work... but then the launchpad mini mk3 would only show 8 tracks at a time... so i could hypothetically get a 2nd launchpad mini mk3...

OR i could try to have 3 trackbanks (2 for the nanokontrol2s and 1 for the launchpad mini mk3) and each device would have/control its' own trackbank...

are both approaches possible? and is there a reason why one is a much better idea than the other?

the current version of the script i wrote for the nanokontrol2s is here: ... NK2-Select


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