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Post Mon Sep 21, 2020 12:10 pm

I have been using maniplator for a while now.
It works well for long sustained vocals. But when ever I use it on a short vocal slice it never sounds the same. It introduces a pitch transient like from a kick but not that extreme. However sometimes it gets really extreme. Even on longer vocal samples this always happens. It results in the first miliseconds of the sample becaming a noisy pitch down transient.
This gets amplified by reverb. So as soon as you put a reverb on there it gets so prominent that it can not work in a track.

Also it sounds different every time. So out of 10 playbacks maybe 1 is sounding like I want it to.
It sounds like manipulator is to slow and by the moment it starts working the sample has already started. Maybe a lookahead of a few milliseconds would help.

I am on windows and using the latest version of reaper.

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