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I Wish
Reviewed By qazar39
January 6th, 2022


7th january 2022 (new review) :

Now, I give 5 stars for this product .

The reaction of the developer was cool and very fast : they provided an updated version (it was a bug).

Now the plugin works fine and I love it .


6th january 2022 (old review):

I Wish is (an expensive but) funny toy/tool to apply effects on any audio signal.

In my case, there is a huge problem : the plugin does not keep the MIDI settings (detected or set) : I use modulation wheel to control the formant but every time I re-open a project, I have to set the controller again, even if I have saved a preset. I think that the plugin should keep the MIDI settings for each instance. Am I wrong ?

I don't know if the problem is linked to my configuration or if it occures in other DAWs or other OS. I hope that an update can fix the problem.

(Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7 - Logic Pro 10.6.3).

I will contact the developper and edit this review if I get an answer.

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Reviewed By DarseZ
April 18th, 2021

WIDER is great. Simple to use and works as promised. I love this thing.

I paid for Nugen Stereoizer, but was tired of licensing crap...and what if the company goes out of business? I'm stuck with useless software.

The additional benefit of WIDER, which I see less and less of these days, it's that it's a no-strings attached DLL you drop in and use. There are some paid ones (Klanghelm, Brusfri, etc.) that I have paid for and also are this simple.

I would pay for WIDER. It's that good.

I'm over "management layers" or "licensing layers" or buying into an ecosystem. Drag and drop DLLs that do the job...and do it well, are my future.

Great plugin.

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Reviewed By puff70
June 28th, 2020

a must have plugin because it works without negatively affecting the correlation .................................................................................................................

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Reviewed By menolin
March 21st, 2020

Probably one of my Have most used plugins. Have demo'd a few paid wideners and see no reason to change at the moment.

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Reviewed By nonewwavenofun
March 8th, 2020

Incredibly simple stereo widener effect. If you need your mix to sound wider, stick this on your track and you're good to go. Not really sure what else I can add - pleasant interface, CPU usage is fine. Don't feel the need for anything more complicated.

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Reviewed By alienimplant
April 4th, 2019

Very few plugins can warp vocals as well as this does. This isn't meant to be a pitch correction plugin that leaves your pretty little vocal otherwise unscathed. Think of it more as a vocoder on steroids. If you are looking for pitch correction, get Melodyne. It's the best. If you are looking for vocal robotics, mind-warping midi-controlled pitch, formant and other changes, this is one of the best plugins out. I've been very happy with it, though I have no illusions about what it is appropriate for. If you're looking for Autotune, move along.

PS: Polyverse put out a couple nice tutorials as well, to break us out of a mental box.



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Reviewed By alienimplant
April 3rd, 2019

Another great mono-to-stereo effect for the tool box, and the mono-compatibility is excellent. 50-70% mix is enough to get a nice width.

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Reviewed By WhamyDodger
April 28th, 2017

Being a new to vocal processing software and being an impulsive person, I bought Manipulator. I wasted 118 GBP. There is nothing Manipulator can do that could not have been achieved by many examples of freeware vst. That's not to say there is lots of free software similar to Manipulator but in combination, free software can make a pig's breakfast out of an audio signal just as Manipulator does all by itself.

If you like your vocal tracks to be clear, Manipulator will be of no use to you at all as it seems to add many extraneous random sounds. Weird wandering sine waves, little whistles, drones and pops abound.

Amid a plethora of 99 cent shop Sci Fi audio FX presets, are perhaps as much as 3 (ish) usable settings. All the other presets, and there are lots and lots, are of use only if you work on low budget Sci Fi and must edit audio so that the 'alien' actors sound like frogs with sore throats or pigs inhaling helium... with sore throats. Or Darth Vader... with a sore throat.

Seriously, it's really very difficult to think of any work, any vocal where Manipulator would not completely screw up the audio signal and render the output literally painfully uncomfortable to listen to. I challenge anyone who is not engaged producing poop noises and silly voices for cartoons to say they are happy with this example of vst.

The makers of this plugin mention 'algorithms' and there's a whiff of the disingenuous about that. Mathematics is not the tool needed to create Manipulator's sounds. It can be done with mathematics but there's no need to go to such trouble. All that is required is plenty of electrical interference and lots of old worn cables and loose fittings on ancient, knackered obsolete and incompatible equipment. That has the exact same effect on audio signals and is far, far cheaper.

You'd have to be as daft and inexperienced and impulsive as me to buy Manipulator, or 'Audio Signal Shredder' as I have more accurately renamed it.

Manipulator certainly manipulates. The same way a man wearing a metal gauntlet manipulates an egg.

It could have been just as accurately named, 'The Emperor's New Clothes.'

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