Nektar Impact LX25+ (Select next remote controls page)[Fixed]

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Post Tue Sep 21, 2021 3:50 pm

That was a hard week for me :) I didn't have a practice in programming ever.
When I connected my Nektar Impact LX25+ with Bitwig I thought it was a thing that I need now. But after I found a bug, that upset me: pressing page+fastforward should select next page of remote controls, but it also run fastforward. Prev page works well.

Ok, I tried to fix it manualy. I opened the js script and... didn't understand anything. Next days I searched information about js programming, midi protocol and then I decide to write an own script.

But it was hard to me, couse the script crushed every single steps. :ud:

And I just opened original script to find something that I passing. Looked again at code piece that made me go that hard way... And here it is!
2 details in code of "Select next/prev remote control page" are different here:
Changing "&&" to "?" and ";" to ":" fixes the bug!!!

Hope this helps someone.

P.S.: Sorry if my english is bad, I'm still learning :)
I hope my solve is not destructive, I'm not a coder

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Post Sun Sep 26, 2021 11:54 am

the only thing i have to say is maybe try posting a bigger part of your code and then highlight the differences in bold or other color text…before and after versions… hard to even see what your code is trying to do.

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